E.B & The Deadlights // Still See Ghosts // EP Review


My introduction to Belfast Horror Rockers E.B. And The Deadlights came by way of their first ever gig, which was on Halloween night of this year opening for So Long Until The Séance at Voodoo in Belfast. By the time they were ten minutes into their set I was very impressed and found it hard to believe that this was their first time together on stage as a band. So obviously, curiosity got the better of me when the opportunity arose to review their debut EP “Still See Ghosts”. I wanted to find out how what they produced that night on stage translated to just audio and I was not disappointed.

From the first listen you can tell instantly that this is not your typical rock horror band. There is none of the cheesiness and silliness that can be found with some of the other bands found within the genre. Instead, the band focuses more on serious topics and takes a more hardcore approach.

The opening track “Nightmare Or Reality” is a straight up hardcore track that is very bass, drum and rhythm driven and vocalist Ethan Beattie does a great job on this track going between clean to harsh vocals.

Next up is “Heathen Of The Mind”. A good rocker that is somewhat Misfits inspired with a little dose of kick-ass thrown in for good measure.

“Devil Between Me And You”, slows things down a little bit. Very reminiscent of the slower tracks produced by Marilyn Manson. A great toe-tapper of a song with a catchy hook.

“Empty Frames”, opens with a haunting acoustic piece that then kicks in to a song that feels very much inspired by Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie. This is a stand out track for me, that builds up to a chaotic climax.

The EP finishes up with the dark and ominous title track “Still See Ghosts”. This is another highlight to the EP and shows that at this early stage, the band can craft an excellent song.

Ethan Beattie on vocals, Andy McCartney on lead guitar, Alex Williams on drums and Matt McCabe on rhythm guitar have definitely laid the foundations for something special on this EP and I certainly can’t wait to see what comes next.


Review: Dave Stewart



Still See Ghosts Tracklist:


  E. B. _ The Deadlights – Nightmare Or Reality 2:05
  E. B. _ The Deadlights – Heathen Of The Mind 2:47
  E. B. _ The Deadlights – Devil Between Me _ You 2:51
  E. B. _ The Deadlights – Empty Frames 4:01
  E. B. _ The Deadlights – Still See Ghosts 4:34


E.B & THE DEADLIGHTS’s debut EP, Still See Ghosts, is out now.

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