Born out of the folk foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia, Lolita is a hard rock band that pushes limits of the rock genre with their powerful hooks and soulful melodies.

The band is releasing their galactic second music video “Satellite” from their upcoming full-length album on May 29th. Featuring an intriguing introduction, the video pays tribute to the music industry’s late legends, from Tom Petty to Chris Cornell.

“Satellite was written around the idea of losing mentors, heros, and the inspirational figures that helped shape who you are. Written in the wake of Cornell, Petty, and Bowie deaths among others, we felt really connected to the space they left empty when they left this earth. There’s a line in the chorus referencing them: ‘the free fallin’ ones, blackhole suns and stardust gone, you saved my life, now heavens gaining one’.” – Lolita



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