Dustbug – Belgian Experimental and Psychedelic Drone Artist Announce New Album “uncare & float”

Ghent-based experimental sound architect dustbug aka Karel Thant will release his new album titled “uncare & float” this Friday, September 16th on vinyl and digital via dunk!records.

Recorded and mixed by Tim de Gieter at Much Luv Studio, and mastered by Gert van Hoof at Cochlea Mastering, “uncare & float” sees dustbugdabbling in a unique and experimental sound manipulation, oscillating between loop-heavy psychedelic drone, krautrock textures and ethereal and ambient soundscapes.

Over the course of two extensive tracks, listeners are presented with a slowly unfolding canvas that, while never offering individual moments of urgency, gradually evolve into fully developed forms writhing with substantial tension and consequence. Unknowable, atonal synth notes rumble forth coldly and perpetually, tethered only by dulled percussive elements that buzz and hiss and offer no assurances beyond their momentary, shadowy presence. Hypnotic, but in a manner that pierces rather than lulls, the music methodically forges an edge that reveals intensity one would never anticipate from an auditory environment that rarely rises beyond a dull roar.
Pre-orders are now available at this location.

Watch the video for side A track, “why if all” here.

A 24-minute journey, “why if all” begins with a low, rumbling drone, accented with skittering flourishes like coldly crackling electricity that are given counterpoint by synths that sound like the efforts of a distant, detached world trying to fight through the haze to offer glimpses of light and sensations of warmth. However, once those latter elements break through, subtle shifts in tone divulge a creeping corruption that results in their brightness becoming consumed by the inherent tenebrosity of the dominant soundscape.

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