Drown In Sulphur: the new single “Vivant Tenebrae” is out now, official video on YouTube!

“Vivant Tenebrae”

The new single is out now,
watch the official video on YouTube!

Vivant Tenebrae”, the new single from the death metal band DROWN IN SULPHUR, is out now. The song is available in digital download and on all streaming platforms. “Vivant Tenebrae” follows the two previous singles “Essence” and “Descendent Sunrise”, and previews the brand new upcoming album. “Vivant Tenebrae” official video is online on YouTube.
“Vivant Tenebrae” streaming e download > //drowninsulphurband6.wixsite.com/multilink
“Vivant Tenebrae” official video > //youtu.be/jVsnboE2sfs

Rise, against, this dystopian cycle.
See the earth eradicate its last virus.

“Vivant Tenebrae” expresses criticism against the darkest, most sinister and most treacherous traits of modern society in metaphorical form through the reference to the mythological demonic figure of Belial, the serpent of Eden.

Like the other two singles, ‘Vivant Tenebrae’ tells of a divinity that is linked to the concept of corruption and perfidy of mankind. Our point of view is secular, and the use of metaphors allows us to suggest ideas for criticism but also for information when approaching general demonology “comments the band.

Powerful deathcore, a unique style that combines deathcore-slam / downtempo / sludge with strong black metal atmospheric shades: “Vivant Tenebrae” was recorded in home studio, mixed and mastered by Federico Ascari at Zeta Factory Studios (Modena). Music and lyrics are by Luca Pareschi (vocals), Christian Lombardo and Emanuele Corso (guitars), Enrico Masiero (bass) and Domenico Tamilia (drums).

The artwork is by Riccardo Scalvenzi, the official video boasts the direction of Tommaso Antonini.

Luca Pareschi – vocals
Christian Lombardo – guitars/backing vocals
Emanuele Corso – guitars
Domenico Tamilia – drums
Enrico Masiero – bass

Drown In Sulphur was born in Milan in 2014. The project immediately went viral after the release of two singles “An Epilogue to The Arrogant” and “Blackwind”, reaching over 5 million views on YouTube and 1 million streams. Drown In Sulphur has shared the stage in national and foreign territory with big names of the metal and deathcore scene such as Whitechapel, Carnifex, Rings Of Saturn, Aversion Crown, I Declare War. The band has released two EPs – “It Rises” (2015) and “Blackwind” (2018) – and 6 singles. After a lineup change, the band is working on their new studio album which features particular black metal influences that blend with their particular deathcore-slam / downtempo / sludge style. Drown In Sulphur has already released three singles from their new album: “Essence” (2020), “Descendent Sunrise” (2021), and “Vivant Tenebrae” on March 5th, 2021.