Dreamshade // A Pale Blue Dot // Album Review


The fourth full album from Dreamshade is set to drop on the 5th March and it’s a cracker.

Fourteen tracks that are full of intensity and power will leave you wanting more. The album opens with “Safe Harbour” a blistering track that combines all that is good about metalcore, screaming guttural and clean vocals interchanging with thumping drums and bass backdrop and guitars that rip, a great way to start things off. “Lightbringers” takes it up a notch with manic drums and a seriously melodic chorus that blends seamlessly in with the chaos that surrounds it, some really cool guitar worktops the track off nicely.

“Question Everything” is unbelievably infectious with a groove that will get its hooks into you and not let go, again the track is at full tilt with heavy drums and great riffs that drive the track relentlessly. “Step Back” lulls you into a false sense of calm before smashing you right in the face with a million mile an hour assault, machine-gun drumming is the order of the day while the bass rumbles underneath it all, the guitars slay again with the clean and guttural vocals on point. “Stone Cold Digital” is a beast of a track, a kicking bass and drum beat that intertwines nicely with the straight-up metalcore/hip hop crossover that is unbelievably catchy.

“Impulse” hammers you straight from the off with blistering drumming, cool riffs and Cali switching up the vocals with consummate ease added to that a nice atmospheric ending to the track. Title track “A Pale Blue Dot” is a spoken track over a cosmic instrumental about how insignificant we as a planet are, trippy. “Shanghai Nights” is a cracking track that is played at a breakneck pace, crashing drums, heavy bass, great riffs and a phenomenal solo that closes out the song. “Elephant” is another crushing track with Cali absolutely killing it on the vocals, after a timid opening the track comes to life with some funky riffs, massive drums, a killer bass line and a cool solo make this one of the best tracks on the album. “Somewhere Else” opens with an uplifting beat before descending into hell with Cali screaming and roaring his way through the song, as it hits the chorus it comes back around full circle, some groovy keyboards and a ripper solo elevate the track, even more, this one will stick in the brain that’s for sure as it is so catchy.

“On My Own” has a more rock/metal feel to it; cleaner vocals are more prevalent backed up big time but the drums and killer guitars including a deadly little solo towards the end of the track. “Nothing But The Truth” is as metalcore as they come, frantic drums and guitars combined with screamed vocals from the outset until the chorus hits where a more melodic sound takes over, the track continues this merry go round, again the guitars are outstanding with funky riffs and a killer solo, John Henry from Darkest Hour lends his vocals talents to the track providing an extra punch. “A Place We Called Home” is straight out of the Linkin Park playbook, a hip hop/ nu-metal affair that rocks, another song that is a contender for track of the album. “Save This” closes out the album much like it started with, a bang, fast and furious with Cali leaving it all in the studio as he screams and sings his way through the song, ably assisted by incessant drums, ripper guitars and heavy bass.


Review: Conor 


“A Pale Blue Dot” is out on 5th March. If you pick up one album this month you would not go wrong with this, absolutely outstanding.



  Safe Harbour 4:07
  Lightbringers 4:33
  Question Everything 3:22
  Step Back 3:35
  Stone Cold Digital (ft. Rose Villain) 3:18
  Impulse 3:50
  toD-eulB-elaP-(A) 1:51
  Shanghai Nights 3:53
  Elephant 4:48
  Somewhere Else 3:36
  On My Own 3:40
  Nothing But The Truth (ft.John Henry-Darkest Hour) 3:42
  A Place We Called Home 3:47
  Save This 3:24



Kevin Calì – Vocals
Fernando ‘Fella’ Di Cicco – Guitars, Vocals
Gian-Andrea ‘Gian’ Costa – Bass, keyboards, programming
Luca Magri – Guitars, programming
Francesco ‘Fry’ Ferrini – Drums


Formed in Lugano, Switzerland, since their inception DREAMSHADEhave never been an ordinary Metal band. Their mix of melody, heaviness and uplifting lyrics gained the attention of the modern Rock, Metal and Hardcore scenes.

The band have toured continuously and touched four continents: Europe, North America, Asia and Africa gaining thousands of fans all over the world and collecting sold out shows in Europe and Asia.

The single “Question Everything” was released on January 15th 2019 and the band started a World Tour through Europe with DON BROCO & Emarosa, South Africa & Asia as Headliners.

The new album “A Pale Blue Dot” will be released on March 5th 2021.


Dreamshade // A Pale Blue Dot // Album Review
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