Dread Sovereign // Alchemical Warfare // Album Review


In the depths of Dublin, Ireland, Nemtheanga, vocalist of Primordial, decided to find a way to express other musical desires and the filthy, Doomy, Blackened Metal monster, Dread Sovereign was born.

Having originally sung and played bass, Bones joined the band on guitar and was joined by JK on drums to round off this despicable outfit was ready to unleash their festered sound was ready to be unleashed in the form of the debut EP in 2012 before a further two full-length albums followed by way of All Hells Martyrs and For Doom the Bell Tolls.

Having toured Europe and played a plethora of festivals and gained a reputation for their live performances, Dread Sovereign continue focussing on the subject matter of the darker side of history on Alchemical Warfare, as they look to build on the impressive name, they have for themselves using the same foundations but tweaking a few bits to help it breathe the rotten air that surrounds the band.

As ‘A Curse On Men’ builds and the atmosphere thickens, the screams welcome the upcoming horrors and then the slow, Doomy sound begins to fill the room and the reverb is felt through your body as ‘She-Wolves Of The Savage Season’ starts to descend upon you like a thick and gloomy fog and aa the 10-minute track continues, the murkiness only thickens and gets heavier, to the point where it becomes oppressive.

The dark and purposeful approach continues to express the steady and Blackened Doom Metal and whilst the pace may differ occasionally and the dark shroud thins slightly, the questionable and gloomy outlook pushes forward and dredges up some of the most rancid and stench laden corners of historical fact, in ways like so few others. 

The deep tones that surround everything produced is almost as dark and dank as the feeling that the music gives and after a year of misery and despair, this feels like a soundtrack to the testing and shit 12 months we have experienced and, in some ways, sounds like my thoughts. 

This high-quality offering of Depressive, Doom and Blackened Metal is a testing yet rewarding listen and one that any fan of the slower and gloomier side of music should experience as it is so much more than just music. The feelings that this record can trigger is testament to the three-piece band and the evil that they recant in their special way.


Ed Ford


Dread Sovereign is released Friday 15h January 2021 via Metal Blade Records.


Track List

1. A Curse On Men
2. She Wolves Of The Savage Season
3. The Great Beast We Serve
4. Nature Is The Devil´s Church
5. Her Master´s Voice
6. Viral Tomb
7. Devil´s Bane
8. Ruin Upon The Temple Mount
9. You Don´t Move Me (I Don´t Give a Fuck)



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Dread Sovereign // Alchemical Warfare // Album Review
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