Exuberant alt-rock three-piece Dramalove have magic that is married to the most successful rock bands of recent times- Muse, Royal Blood, Imagine Dragons- of being heavy and authentic yet accessible and catchy, merging guitar-based rock with electronic angularity and darkly poetic lyricism.

“Lots of potential to be as big in the UK as the height they reached in the Italian charts” – Tom Robinson, BBC Radio 6


Last year Dramalove had several airplays on BBC Introducing in the South with “Lady Macbeth”

and a slot in the Best New Bands 2019 compilation on Classic Rock Magazine (November issue) with “Busy Saving The World”


presents “Written In The Stars” – 21/02/2020

After last year’s BBC Introducing several airplays and the “Best New Bands 2019” compilation cd feature on Classic Rock Magazine (November issue), the ambitious and exuberant alternative rock three-piece Dramalove is back

with a new single, called “Written In The Stars”.

“It’s the first song I wrote when I’ve relocated to the U.K. 3 years ago, and I’m so thrilled to have the opportunity to finally being able to share it with the world,” says frontman Diego.

Hard to put in a box genre-wise, the song features aggressive synthesisers mixed with electric guitars and a lost love lament, a pain which is a result of the leap of faith you take when you sail over 1.000 kilometres away from home to make your dreams coming true.

“According to the ancient books, the word Destiny has the same root origin of the word Constellation” explains Diego, “like a path we have to discover step after step in life but that at the same time is already set the same second we’re born. I’ve always been fascinated by such thoughts and it went down easy putting them into a song, after finding myself staring for hours at a very clear night sky in south England and pondering about the fact that every single choice I’ve made in life got me where I was at the time”.

“When we dream something, it’s never random: when we feel the desire of something, it’s because that something it’s waiting for us”.

Brighton beaches.

They’re part of the city, just like an extension of it. Making love with the sea. Filthy and shiny pebbles, coins from every continent, a crystal earring and a few seagulls. A new vote is always around the corner.

Still, Dramalove is insistent in violating the boundaries. It’s been 3 years now since the two Italian twins bid farewell to their home country, leaving friends, memories and pretty much everything behind. In the name of a dream. Looking for the bright lights of stardom.

There’s an element of wrongness that’s been endangering the whole brother’s life, but that also helped them get free.

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The sensitivity that Dramalove expresses in their music really resonates because of all the pings it sets off in the listener’s brain, each one hitting like a nearly erased memory.

It’s Tim Burton and Edgar Allan Poe shaking hands while they reborn as a unique Instagram rock star.

“I am a problem. I’m a loyalist to outdated ideals like mad and eternal love, a constant gardener of the messy patches inside the contemporary psyche”, frontman and songwriter Diego describes himself. “We’re all about wrong combinations. Stardom dreams and tragic love stories, rock’n’roll in the Brexit ages, dark and gothic outfits with an aggressive but stylish Italian attitude”.

To adopt a noir style is not original, but Dramalove has brought it to its essence. “Rest in me, intrude my dreams, and bring them out to reality” sings Diego in the lyrics of their new single “Written In The Stars” (“two hearts like ours were meant to collide, despite all satellites – it’s written in my scars”).

Their previous single “Busy Saving The World” has been featured in the Best New Bands 2019 compilation on Classic Rock Magazine, and “Lady Macbeth” received multiple airplays on the BBC Introducing program with words of praise by the presenters.

The teaming up with the British drummer Neil Davey brought the band onto touring the UK twice. Not bad for creatures born of trauma, possibly literally, if you take the twin brothers teenage experiences with their dad passing away prematurely and a not-so-easy environment where to grow up in, in the suburbs of a big industrial city such as Turin. It’s a bit of a consequence of an era, really – like leftovers of the early 2000s, washed away on the Brighton shore.

Like Matrix, reloading into guitar riffs and pure, romantic rage.

Diego Soncin – Vocals, Guitar
Riccardo Soncin – Bass
Neil Davey – Drums


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