Dragged Under // “We’ll Do It Live” // EP Review


Seattle thrash-punk-metallers Dragged Under are releasing a six-track live ep on the 6th of August and for the uninitiated, you are in for a banging treat.

The energy and power these guys have is mind-blowing and it is transmitted through the speakers to full effect. Like a lot of bands, they did a live stream for fans, taking six of their monster tracks from their debut album, “The World Is In Your Way” and giving them the live airing they deserve. “Just Like Me” kicks it all off with a massive wall of sound, crashing drums, grinding riffs and bass; Cappocchi kills on the vocals, spitting them out like nobody’s business, and shows a slightly more melodic side when the chorus hits, a killer opening. “The Hardest Drug” comes in just as hot with no let up on the sonic assault,

Cappocchi opens up like a machine gun as the drums pound relentlessly, a cool riff runs underneath it all alongside a heavy bass, a stonking track. “The Real You” opens up with a juicy bass line before the drum come in really strong with a blistering beat backed up by savage guitars and vocals, this track is off the chain for power and intensity, track of the ep without a doubt. From one ripper to another; “Hey Chelsea” rumbles into life with a seriously thick bass line, a crushing drum beat and cutting riffs, throw in a funky little solo and a chorus that is a combination of Wheezer and NOFX and you have a classic on your hands. “Instability” screams into life with Cappocchi tearing the throat out of himself to the backdrop of a cool mixed beat of drums, bass and guitars, talk about relentless, it has a heavier, if possible, edgier feel to it that is palpable through the speakers that will leave you breathless. “Hypochondria” closes the ep the only way it can; killing it, a punk/thrash crossover affair with a little alternative thrown in for good measure, a great way to sign off on a cracking ep.

If this is the energy and sound they give off for a live stream, you can only imagine what it will be like with crowds in place, but for the moment this will have to do


Review: Conor


Dragged Under “We’ll Do It Live” is out on 6th August Via Mascot Records/Mascot Label Group


1. Just Like Me (live)
2. The Hardest Drug (live)
3. The Real You (live)
4. Chelsea (live)
5. Instability (live)
6. Hypochondria (live)

 UK 2022 Tour Dates
Tickets Available Here: https://www.draggedunder.com/dates

Tue 14 Jun – Key Club, Leeds, UK
Weds 15 Jun – Asylum 2, Birmingham, UK
Thurs 16 Jun – Star & Garter, Manchester, UK
Fri 17 Jun – Camden Assembly, London, UK
Sat 18 Jun – O2 Brixton Academy, London, UK w/The Ghost Inside


Dragged Under are:

Anthony Cappocchi                       Vocals

Ryan “Fluff” Bruce                         Lead guitar

Kalen Anderson                              Drums

Hans Hessburg                                Bass

Sean Rosario                                    Rhythm guitar





Dragged Under // “We’ll Do It Live” // EP Review
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