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Dozer is a band that genuinely needs no introduction within the Stoner Rock scene. Since they formed back in 1995 they have been a powerhouse name within the genre due to their commitment to live shows and the quality of their music being compared to genre titans Kyuss and Monster Magnet. Recently after taking a hiatus Dozer are back under the Heavy Psych Sounds label alongside a reissue of their EP Vultures, which consists of 6 pre-production demos that made up their 4th studio album.

Starting out the EP is The Blood Is Cold, which wastes no time in establishing the band’s sound of fuzz filled riffs and infectious grooves that grab hold of listeners effortlessly before moving onto The Imposter which has one of the filthiest bass tones I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing alongside a solo that would feel at home on any Hendrix record. By track 3 of the EP, Last Prediction, I was completely absorbed into the soundscape that Dozer has created while the fuzz filled tones flooded my room.

The title track Vultures is easily my stand out of the entire release. With a heavy influence of Black Sabbath within the structure of the guitar work as well as my favourite vocal performance that sounded both aggressive and soothing simultaneously to create an insanely unique sound. Track 5, Head Ghosts is pure 80’s Rock and Roll with an extra helping of rough, raw tones in every aspect of the sound. Then we move onto the closing track, To the Fallen. From the opening notes of the track, we have this building tension that is pushed along by an incredibly catchy bassline and softly sung vocal track that just slowly gets louder and louder before just ending without ever having a crescendo and leaving the track on a quiet moment that has all the tension from the rising pressure leave peacefully instead of in a massive wave of energy. The EP does also feature a never released cover of Sunride’s classic track Vinegar Fly, but the cover doesn’t do anything particularly interesting compared to the original for me.

Overall, Dozer’s Vultures is a fantastic release that almost 20 years later still sounds incredibly fresh, despite hearing elements of the band’s sound across most of the genre in those that follow in their footsteps. From fuzz filled guitar, groove infested bass and drums as well as an ace vocal performance across every track, this EP is a great introduction to a band many may not have heard, as well as a piece of Stoner Rock history for current fans of the genre.


Review: Daniel Stapleton




1.Dozer – The Blood Is Cold

2.Dozer – The Impostor

3.Dozer – Last Prediction

4.Dozer – Vultures

5.Dozer – Head Ghosts

6.Dozer – To The Fallen

7.Dozer – Vinegar Fly (Bonus)


Available as:

– 200 ULTRA LTD CORNETTO white background/purple stripes VINYL





Tommi Holappa – Guitar
Fredrik Nordin – Guitar/Vox
Johan Rockner – Bass
Olle Mårthans – Drums

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Dozer // Vultures // Album Review
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