Downcast - 'Downcast' - EP Review
Downcast - 'Downcast' - EP Review8
Downcast - 'Downcast' - EP Review8
Downcast - 'Downcast' - EP Review8
Downcast - 'Downcast' - EP Review8
Downcast - 'Downcast' - EP Review8
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It’s been awhile since I’ve had an injection of Pop Punk greatness and my latest listen did not disappoint. ​Downcast ​have hit the scene with their self titled debut EP. Having formed as a band just this year, the guys have worked hard in order to create their first installment for the world. Working with ​Ian Sadler​ (​Anavae,​ ​ROAM​) to produce the EP, the band has written and recorded a great first impression to release on the world.

Over 5 tracks, Downcast have set out who they want to be as a band and that’s a group of guys who write and play from the heart. Vocalist ​Liam Edwards ​described exactly what he wanted with saying “I hope that this EP will resonate with anyone who is going
through a hard time and helps them to feel less alone. I’ve used putting my thoughts

and feelings into songs as a way of coping with negative emotions for a while now;
it gives them a long-term purpose. I feel that negative things in your life often reveal
positive meanings over time. If the things I’ve written about never happened, these
five songs wouldn’t exist today.” Their first single “Window Seat” is a perfect example of this. With throaty vocals set against a melodic chorus, it showcases exactly who they are. With lyrics that are truly written from feelings that will resonate with a lot of listeners. That’s not to say though that the guys haven’t captured the heart of Pop Punk music with upbeat tracks such as “Anthurium” and “2013” that have a beat that gives you that sense of wanting to jump around the room.

As debuts go, ​Downcast ​have created something to be proud of. It is 5 tracks that show a band who are using their own life experience to help the world around them through music and not only that show a lot of promise for the future.



DOWNCAST LIVE w/ Anchor Down and Feet First:  30/01/19 – Swansea – The Bunkhouse; 31/01/19 – Bristol; 01/02/19 – Northampton – The Yard and Kitchen.    |

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