Down Under Stout Rockers SUSPYRIA Share Influences & Inspiration With Rock ‘N’ Load

Down under stout rockers SUSPYRIA ( ) throw down a marker with their impressive new single and video, The Damage, out on Friday 17th September. The emerging riff merchants have a broad spectrum of influences and with that in mind, we asked the guys for the top six tracks that have greatly influenced their expansive sound:

“Bat Country – Avenged Sevenfold:

This song blew my mind the first time I heard it, the drumming instantly got me hooked. I loved the drum fills and the way they complimented the music. The REV really had an underrated talent for song writing

My Own Summer – Deftones:

This song was a high school jam for me, it really introduced me to a type of guitar scale I’d never played before. It paved the way for a lot of the riffs and ideas that motivate my playing and writing now.

This is how I disappear – My Chemical Romance

Something about Gerard Ways melodies mixed in with a heavy punk minor chord sound just really resonates and stuck in my brain. This song in particular formed a lot of ideas about good song structure, it’s the bones of the music.

I will not bow – Breaking Benjamin

Breaking Benjamin are a band I always find myself coming back to. Ben has a great voice, combine that with some Heavy Drop tuned guitars, great catchy melodies and drums and you create something special. This song in-particular has such a great flow. That intro guitar lick that leads into a punchy rhythm-followed by some great catchy melodies.

Injection – Rise Against

The big thing that drew me in about Rise Against was Tim McIlrath’s lyrics. It made me want to strive to learn more about the English language and experiment more with lyrical concepts and themes. Write things that were catchy, memorable and poetic.

The Kill – 30 seconds to Mars

If you could encapsulate a perfect balance of grit and power in a voice, it would be Jared Leto. The melody, the drums, the Rock driven guitar? A combination all glued together by the power in the delivery of the vocals. You can feel the emotion behind it.”

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