Great things can come out of trying times, and Doom distributors “Witchkiss” are proving just that! Saying goes, idle hands are the devils workshop. More like a creative persons playground!
With time on their hands like so many others, Witchkiss has made good use of this to bring their self-isolated fans something significant to help them through the darkness.
The EP is called “Transformation” it is 2 songs, 18 mins long and will include the Single “Splitting Teeth” and and will be released 5/1/20 through our Bandcamp and all other major digital music outlets, including Apple Music and iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Etc….

JJ Koczan – “In a time when the New York region is embroiled in plague and isolation, Witchkiss‘ blend of post-metallic claustrophobia and ambient expanse would seem to find particular resonance. They call it “a fitting soundtrack to these uncertain times,” and I’m not inclined to argue.

Witchkiss aren’t so much playing to genre as they are adapting a stylistic tenet to suit the purpose of the atmospheres they want to create in their songs. Transformation thus becomes a place to inhabit, if briefly — the two songs run about 19 minutes, all told — and cap in appropriately massive fashion in “Empty Hands” before a persistent pulse of kick drum and feedback leads the way out.

Forever evolving and searching for new inspiration, “Transformation” couldnt be a more fitting title for this EP, especially during these darkened times!

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