Belfast witnessed a behemoth night of Metal tonight as four big hitters on the local scene came together to celebrate the launch of Donum Dei’s debut LP Contribute To Chaos.

The Empire Music Hall, Belfast, hosted tonight’s gathering as metal heads came from far and wide to hear their first live tasting of this blistering debut from the Belfast quartet. The guys were amongst friends as No Great Loss, Ketos and Strangle Wire were on hand to provide support.

First up was No Great Loss, a Negative Hardcore / Down-tempo band from Belfast, these guys ripped up the stage with a gargantuan sound. Dual vocalists provided angst and energy in abundance laying down the foundation for the night to come. With their dark enslaving riffs and crazy growling vocals it was obvious there was more than a few fans in the room. Heavy as fuck and aggressive from start to finish it was a great start to the night and tough one to follow.

This was no issue for Ketos, a melodic Thrash five piece from Belfast. The guys got stuck right in and didn’t hold back. Heavy thrashing riffs fused with a mesh between clean and growling vocals, their contemporary sound is a strong contrast to No Great Loss they matched them pound for pound in energy. Reminiscent to the likes of Trivium and Killswitch Engage they are a tight outfit with a killer guitar player, blistering solos and breathtaking fretwork made for one the highlights of the night.

Death Metal was the order of the day with Strangle Wire, fucking chaos wrapped up in infinite evil, yet another killer Belfast band made a huge impression on the crowd tonight with a tight performance. The bellowing vocals from the depths of hell and gritty heavy riffs immediately demanded attention, a solid performance and thumping double bass shook the room to its core. A quality performance from a seriously tight unit, the riffs kick in and stop on a dime. Well worth checking out.

The night though belonged to Donum Dei. This Belfast quartet have came a long way from their first gig and tonight was a celebration of their hard work over the past 7 years. Their debut album Contribute To The Chaos is the perfect platform to take these guys to the next level, and tonight was only the beginning.

As the guys announced their arrival to the stage the room was more than ready to burn this house down, after three cracking support bands it was now time for Donum Dei to crank it up! The guys went hell for leather and left no one in any doubt what tonight was all about. It was great to see the guys from the support bands front and centre on the floor showing some love to the boys, the new material transferred beautifully to the live stage and was well received by the enthusiastic crowd. The boys were feeding off the energy from the crowd and the crowd back off the band, and the place is going ape shit and it’s a fitting end for the boys after all the hard graft getting to this point.

A night of celebration indeed, a night of debauchery, of brutal angst and fine tuned Metal that ensures the future of heavy, hard hitting Metal is bright and in good hands.

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