Don Broco // Amazing Things // Album Review


Don Broco are back with album number four Amazing Things and I am expecting amazing things from this. With each release, they’ve really grown stronger and into the band they wanted to become. Following on from the impressive Technology is going to be some challenges as the bar has been set so high, but they seem to have a knack of naturally sounding amazing.

Straight from the off, the record brings so much energy and swagger, ‘Gumshield’ talks about the anxiety that comes with posting online and the fear of resulting arguments. The two vocalists combine brilliantly here, giving so much variety and complementing each other very well. Next up is the first single from the album ‘Manchester Super Reds No.1 Fan’ which Rob said he wanted to write something about an aspect of social media, where people tear each other down despite being supposed fans of bands/teams. This track is in a similar vein with zestful guitars and bass and lively vocals, this is one to be heard live for sure.

The third Single, ‘One True Prince’ starts with slower vibes, softly sung vocals from Matt, leading into a spirited and emotion-filled chorus. The album takes a slower stance after the first two tracks get you pumped up, but as we get to track number 7, they’re back and you better be ready, ‘Uber’ is an excellent track that utilises synths throughout, this animated track. It’s very catchy and very easy to get into, before you know it, you’ll be singing along. ‘How are you done with existing’ is a track full of emotion and grows the more you listen. ‘Bruce Willis’ is a track you just know they had fun on, its manic and crazy before ‘Revenge Body’ is a standout track worth listening to, with a great chorus and lots of energy.

The quartet hailing from Bedford can be proud of this album, pouring in every ounce of attitude and swagger, which produces a great sounding record. Don Broco fans on the whole will like this, it may take a few listens to get into it, whereas albums previous immediately struck a chord with me. Whilst all this will be down to personal preference, I’d say it needs time spent listening and you’ll appreciate it so much more

Peter Watts

Amazing Things is out via Sharptone on 22nd October 2021


  1. Gumshield
    2. Manchester Super Reds No.1 Fan
    3. Swimwear Season
    4. Endorphins
    5. One True Prince
    6. Anaheim
    7. Uber
  2. How Are You Done with Existing
    9. Bruce Willis
  3. Revenge Body
  4. Bad 4 Ur Health
  5. Easter Sunday

Line up:

Rob Damiani – Lead Vocals, Electronics

Simon Delaney – Lead and Rhythm Guitars

Matt Donnelly – Drums, Percussion, Lead and Backing Vocals

Tom Doyle – Bass Guitar, Programming

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