DOMKRAFT premiere ‘The Rift (live)’ from “Day of Doom Live”

‘The Rift (live)’
taken from
“Day of Doom Live”

DOMKRAFT ‘The Rift (live)’ taken from “Day of Doom Live”
DOMKRAFT have revealed a second song taken from the Swedish psychedelic sludge mongers’ forthcoming “Day of Doom Live” album that has been slated for release on December 11th.

‘The Rift (live)’ is now available for immediate publication via YouTube:

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Magnetic Eye Records present a blistering live document of their flagship band DOMKRAFT annihilating onstage at the “Day of Doom” label showcase at Brooklyn’s Saint Vitus Bar. This once-in-a-lifetime gathering was held in November 2019 to celebrate MER’s first decade. It featured nine roster acts performing back-to-back, with the headline shows captured by Chris Johnson(DEAFHEAVEN, SUMMONER) to commemorate the event as a set of four exclusive live albums.

DOMKRAFT comment: “This is one of those songs that always tends to get rowdier in a live setting than the recorded version”, state the Swedes. “The bouncy main riff feels a lot nastier, almost as if it feeds off the energy in the room without us having anything to do with this. It’s hard to explain, but there’s definitely something strange going on.”

DOMKRAFT cover "Day of Doom Live"
1. The Rift (live)
2. Through the Ashes (live)
3. The Watchers (live)
4. Meltdown of the Orb (live)
5. Flood (live)
6. Landslide (live)
DOMKRAFT bonded over a love of SPACEMEN 3, MONSTER MAGNET, SLEEP, and HAWKWIND. Drawing from the heaviest of their combined influences, the trio from Stockholm, Sweden crafted a sound that blends towering dirges, mind-bending psychedelia, and hypnotic minimalism, which is embodied by their monolithic 2016 debut “The End of Electricity” and 2018 follow-up “Flood”.

“Day of Doom Live” presents DOMKRAFT delivering what Metal Hammer called, “a sustained torrent of viscous, bubbling sludge that achieves acute psychedelia through distortion and repetition” via a tremendous live record, just ahead of the Swedes’ new album “Seeds” (coming in 2021).

Release date: December 11th

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Available formats
Digisleeve CD
Limited edition docean blue vinyl
Worldwide edition classic black vinyl
4CD Hardcover Art Book feat. all 4 live albums from Domkraft, Elephant Tree, Summoner and Horsehunter

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Magnetic Eye Records is a boutique label presenting beautifully-designed and curated records from artists across the spectrum of heavy music. Dedicated to presenting new talent and established names in doom, psychedelia, classic and stoner rock, we take pride in contributing to the legacy of the almighty riff. Reflecting this, our “Redux” series honors landmark albums from artists as diverse as Jimi Hendrix, Helmet and Pink Floyd, re-imagined for MER by the likes of Matt Pike, Mark Lanegan, Pallbearer, The Melvins and Zakk Wylde, and is as critical to our identity as our roster of ambitious up-and-coming acts like WhiteNails, Leather Lung and Caustic Casanova. Magnetic Eye Records is part of the independent media group SPKR.
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