Crucial young Greek thrash metal quintet Domination Inc have signed to Steamhammer / SPV to release their stonking sophomore album ‘Memoir 414’ on August 23rd as a digipak CD, 180 gram red vinyl with black swirls LP (with printed inner sleeves + CD in a cardboard case), download and stream.

Check the video for first single ‘The Sickening’ out at for a taste of the awesomeness on offer.

Domination Inc were formed in Athens in 2012 by teenage brothers Alpha and Ares Karatzas (drummer and guitarist, respectively), vocalist Theo Papadopoulos, guitarist Kostas Evangeliou and bassist Jim Kakes. Their debut album, ‘Infants Of Thrash’, released in 2014, won rave reviews in the Greek metal media and gradually began working its way into the international media’s consciousness while the band honed their razor sharp live set down supporting such heavyweights as Kreator, Annihilator, Behemoth, Decapitated and Sepultura.

Metal Temple discovered ‘Infants Of Thrash’ in April 2016, stating “The album starts with an atmospheric tempo building instrumental in “Born in War…” with bullets shots fired in the background, you know you are in for some epic shit here as the sharp riffs pierce through your ears. The same riff and tempo continues into “Great Society Shutdown”, which gives a great exhibition of what the band is capable of – which is unadulterated quality Thrash Metal… This sound just simply blew my mind… full of neck breaking riffs, and the drums and bass just sound impeccable. The vocals of Theo Papadopulos is one of the highlights of the band’s sound and the album.” In 2016 Domination Inc won the Greek ‘Wacken Metal Battle’ finals, securing a main stage appearance at Wacken in Germany in 2017, which ultimately led to the ensemble inking with SPV.

‘Memoir 414’ was co-produced by Domination Inc and SepticFlesh drummer Fotis Benardo at the renowned Devasoundz studios in Athens and then mastered by Henrik Udd (Architects, At The Gates, Dimmu Borgir and many more). “We wanted to slightly move away from our initial old-school sound and wrote the new material specifically with that in mind”, states Alpha Karatzas. “It should sound heavier and more modern without sacrificing the energy we released with our early songs.” 

Regarding the album’s seemingly cryptic title, Alpha elucidates; “D and N are the fourth and respectively fourteenth letter of the alphabet, so the number is simply an abbreviation of our name. Referring it to a memoir means that we tell a story with these songs. The compositions don’t follow a narrative script but only a thematic red thread, reflecting our view on certain societal phenomena. Our conclusion is that all the bad stuff happening on a daily basis comes from within ourselves. The fundamental idea behind the album is based on the notion that things are not as simple as the distinction between black and white. However, we as humans have free choice and must pick which side we want to support. Art or creativity in general belong to the positive realm whereas the masses seem to revel in negativity. We think that you have to fight against the shit that occurs in your life because there is no other option if you think about it.” Addressing the effect of the political situation in the band’s home territory, Alpha reflects “For sure, Greece is where we come from and, as our local environment, has an impact on the music we make,” nevertheless quickly affirming “These songs are meant to be a fresh start with which we want to make a difference.” 

‘Memoir 414’, a milestone album patently at the cutting edge of modern thrash metal music, is all set to more than make a difference when it blasts Domination Inc into the extreme metal world’s heady stratosphere on release on August 23rd.



DOMINATION INC. “Memoir 414”

Release Date:     August 23rd, 2019
Format:               – CD Digi
                           – LP, printed inner sleeves, 140 g red vinyl with black swirls + CD in papersleeve

01 – Cutting Edge 4:10
02 – Day VIII Deus‘ Ignorance 9:48
03 – The Sickening 4:23
04 – Dark City 5:35
05 – Dehumanized 4:49
06 – Crux, Nux, Lux … 1:26
07 – The Eye 4:09
08 – Culling 4:30
09 – Love Me Forever 5:20

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