Dom Pavic // Early In The Morning, Late At Night // Album Review


Dom Pavic is a Canadian singer-songwriter songwriter, the Burlington, Ontario musician has been grafting and honing his craft for almost two decades now and released his debut album ‘Early In The Morning, Late At Night’ earlier this year, a twelve-track collection of old-school, singer-songwriter tracks that will transport through Dom’s rose-tinted glasses and sonic melancholy tinged with 60’s ad 70’s magic.

Anytime you get the opportunity to review an artist you are always stepping into the unknown. With Dom’s debut release, you are enveloped in a collection of gems that reminds you of the days gone by, with easy-on-the-ear songwriting that would have flooded the airwaves of earlier generations. From the album’s opener ‘Anyone Like You’ you are immediately transported back in time as if on a road trip- hood down, radio cranked up and the warm summer air blowing through your hair, effortlessly tossing out melodies into the ether.

You get a collection of tracks that are the perfect blend of sonic escapism to wash away all the heavy daily grind that we are constantly barraged with in 2023, post shamdemic, the world v.2.0 is a pretty messed up place, a lot of us had our eyes opened over the last few years and it’s hard not to see just how much shit we are all in, so an album such as ‘Early In The Morning, Late At Night’ is the perfect antidote 2023’s increasing drama.

Track after track you are enveloped like a warm blanket in easy-on-the-ear melodies, beautifully crafted acoustic tracks that resonate from the off. The simplistic Country and Americana-laced songs can’t help but glide you through the album tapping your feet and humming along to the harmonies.

An album such as this is a great reminder to look beyond the mainstream artists and give the hard-working blue-collar guys and gals a go too, so many of our local venues are bursting at the seams with talent, quietly doing their thing, heads down grafting day after day, year after year without the support of multinational corporations at their beck and call.

Dom Pavic is one such artist who is in a sea of talent that needs your love, so take the time, give his debut release a spin, and lose yourself over the 41 minutes 18 seconds, and you can thank me later.


Early In The Morning, Late At Night is available now – You can check it out here: Spotify



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