Dødsferd // Skotos // EP Review


In the interest of full disclosure, I pre-ordered the vinyl of this release on the day that the link went live and has been a massive fan of Dødsferd for a while now, I couldn’t not take up the opportunity to review it as well.

Having formed in 2001 by Wrath as a one-man outfit and having released two demos, ten full-length albums, nine split albums/Eps, three Eps, a live album and five compilation albums, it is clear that the mastermind behind the band is a very hard working individual and following his return to his homeland of Crete in 2018, he continues to overflow with inspiration for his music as well as being the founder and owner of Fucking Your Creation Records. Having been joined by N.D drums, Dødsferd can push the boundaries of their emotive music even further, reaching new depths with their incredible Atmospheric Black Metal

This release may be two tracks, however, do not think for one second to give Skotos a pass.

Opening with ‘Skotadi’ the blistering and troubling music begins with a continual rumble from the drums and a deep drone from the guitars that are as raw as your flesh. Then the incredible vocal begins to growl and spew its bile in stunning form, as always.

As you find yourself being transfixed by the astonishing sounds and the intensity begins to exert its pressure on you, a slightly chaotic aspect joins the mix and as this 5-minute opener continues to work its deceptive magic, you remember to start breathing again as what you are experiencing has stolen the oxygen from your lungs.

The second track ‘Cursed To Die At First Light’ continues this staggering experience, speeding things up a little and with some additional higher-pitched strings, the result is as haunting as it is stunning, with faultless Atmospheric Black Metal that you can’t help but want to be completely submerged in the murky Dødsferd pool.

If this is your first experience of the Greek legends, allow yourself to be swept away by the stunning experience that is Dødsferd and please delve fully into the back catalogue to see how the band has grown into what it now is. For seasoned fans, Skotos continues the incredible collection of releases under the Dødsferd banner and pushes us further under their spell. For me, it reaffirms why I had no hesitation in preordering as soon as I could.


Skotos will be released May 14th 2021 via Transcending Obscurity Records


Ed Ford


  1. Skotadi
  2. Cursed To Die At First Light









Dødsferd // Skotos // EP Review
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