Dødsdrift // Ødnis // Album Review


Hailing from the shores of the Baltic Sea, Germany, in 2018, the anonymous Black Metal creation have curated a collection of 10 tracks to blow your fucking minds. The most concerning this is that you won’t even know the culprits if you pass them in the street.

When you read that tracks are inspired by things such as isolation, loss, war and the forces of nature, you are either going to run a mile or curiosity is going to say “come and get me”. You might have gathered, I am firmly in the second category especially with my draw toward anything that most people may find questionable.

So as you may have gathered, this going to be rather bleak, but please don’t let that off any of you who are flirting with Black Metal as there is a lot of melodies that is strewn throughout the album, almost as if to offer you hope.

The 42-minute album opens with some beautiful tones and notes before the cold wind blows over you causing you to chill to your core. The anticipation builds before the sound of traditional Black Metal comes in. The drums are swift and unapologetic, as the guitars slice through the lowering fog. The vocal is one that is as disturbing as it is abrasive and rounds off the amazing sound in a wonderful fashion. Unlike some Black Metal, the production isn’t murky and I think that this actually adds to the experience, especially in this case. The cleaner sound allows for the full freezing effect to take hold, and everything turns greyscale.

The power is incredible as the album continues to swing you from pillar to post and crashes you through anything in your surroundings. You will feel like an abused doll by the end of the album.

Whilst the sound created is very cold, the tracks themselves give a lot of hope for the Black Metal genre and fans of the more traditional sound. Yes, this doesn’t have a distant sound, but it does have some real quality that is up there with anything that I have heard recently.

The intensity will test most and the add the fact that quality Black Metal like this can make you question some of the things that you thought had been locked away securely! The unnerving qualities run throughout the album so be prepared for your vulnerabilities to be exposed and exploited. But isn’t that what we listen to music for, to connect to.

Ed Ford

The album will be released on October 15th 2021 in Vendetta Records.


Track list

  1. Fährde
  2. Schattenschafott
  3. Ruß
  4. Herbstluft
  5. Laere
  6. Dear Letzte Pfad
  7. Moorbrand
  8. Heimkehr
  9. Adern des Abgrunds
  10. Enthauptet




Dødsdrift // Ødnis // Album Review
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