Djiin // Meandering Soul // Album Review


French psychedelic stoner-rock band Djiin are back on the airwaves with their new album titled ‘Meandering Soul’ – their third full-length studio album since just 2017, which for any band is quite an achievement.

First track on this short album is ‘Black Circus’ which instantaneously hits you with softly whispering guitars, cymbal splashes and a swaying rhythm before launching into a deep trudging baseline that introduces the rasping and haunting vocals of Chloé Panhaleux.  As the momentum rises throughout the track, your mind is thrown into turmoil before Panhaleux slams on the brakes and takes you back to where it all began – her vocals powerful and demanding as the rhythm slowly comes to a grinding halt. Quite a Gothic feel for the start of the album and it does make you wonder what’s coming next.

Next track, ‘The Void’ is no exception.  The journey continues into one hell of a trip.  A light guitar riff followed by more crashing cymbals lead to perfectly formulated harmonies. The tone drops as Panhaleux hurls some dark and sinister vocals that accompany the reverberating guitar as the drums and bass cease. A frenzy of head spinning chants begin as the nail in the coffin is driven deep in to the heart of the track with screams from Panhaleux as it expires.

The melancholy vibes continue with ‘Red Desert’ – an extended track that lasts a mammoth 8 plus minutes that slowly twists and bends the mind of the listener into an orgasmic state with its intense and enchanting guitars. Totally trippy.

A darker side of Djiin is portrayed in ‘Warmth of Death’ with chants of ‘I want to see you die’ that flaunt throughout. Doom rock has most definitely landed with this second hefty track.

‘White Valley’ however is what you would expect from a stoner-rock band,with its fuzzy bass and guitar riffs, sporadic drumming and growling vocals. But Panhaleux’s vocals send the track off on a tangent with her fierce and gnarly vocals that cover a multitude of octaves. The shortest contender on this album but most definitely a strong one.

To finish the album, ‘Waxdoll’ is a complete contrast which is most welcoming.  Its uplifting beat seamlessly brings a plethora of rock genres together that manifest into a gargantuan multi-instrumental feast. Topped with vocals that complacently float on the surface as the track winds down to the end, this mammoth offering is perfect to complete the journey you’ve been thrust upon. Not forgetting the cleverly disguised guitar that fades into the distance at the end of the track that lets your thoughts ‘meander’, leaving you wondering where you’ve heard it before.

On the whole, this album is an entirely unique experience for those who’ve never had their eardrums soaked in the sound of Djiin.  Vocalist Chloé Panhaleux brings a mystical feeling to the band as her rounded French accent adds a glam and decadent touch to every track. Bassist Charlélie Pailhes, drummer Allan Guyomard and guitarist Tom Penaguin shine through as they parade a magnitude of instrumental dexterity across the album.

For those who wish to open their minds and listen to something totally different, this album is a must.

‘Meandering Soul’ is due for release 12th November 2021 on Klonosphere Records.

Review: Emma Painter


   Black Circus 6:25
   The Void 5:15
   Red Desert 8:47
   Warmth of Death 8:19
   White Valley 3:21
   Waxdoll 8:13

Djiin // Meandering Soul // Album Review
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