DIY rockers The Effens party with aliens in new video for “Punishment”

Their music has a moodiness reminiscent of alt-pop acts like Jack’s Mannequin, Yellowcard, or even Death Cab for Cutie, but with a bit more edge. – FLOOD
The new track evokes turn-of-the-century alternative rock and is a twisted love song about how someone can manipulate another person while appearing to care for them. – Consequence
Pretty puissant, pretty tenacious, pretty steamy while the intensity goes through the roof. – Turn Up The Volume
JULY 22, 2021 – Toronto, Canada – Canadian DIY rockers The Effens have joined the space race with their latest music video for recent single “Punishment”, available to view today here.
The Effens, playing the slacker counterparts to the X-Files Scully & Mulder, discover a stoner Alien crash landed on earth for a lost weekend. In a wild combination of ET meets Spring Breakers, the Alien shows them what it truly means to party before eventually breaking their hearts. Like the song’s mix of bouncy instrumental & heartfelt vocals, the video strikes a balance between pure unadulterated fun and an oddly touching love story.
Trading the soft and loud dynamics of their past singles for a consistently eerie metallic drone with vulnerable lyrics floating above, “Punishment” dives into the dark world of sabotaging for the sake of control and pushes The Effens even further into a musical lane all their own.
“’Punishment’ is about all the ways someone can control another by ‘caring’ or ‘helping’ them. Being a caregiver can become such a deep-rooted part of your identity that you don’t actually want the person you are ‘caring’ for to get better. This song is written from the point of someone who is sabotaging an individual just enough so that they are unable to become independent and will continue to rely on their ‘caregiver,’” vocalist Austin Nops shares.
Fans can stream “Punishment” today at
“Punishment” joins previously released tracks “Venom Denim” and lead single “Eventually” from the band’s forthcoming EP of the same name, due out July 30, 2021 via Hidden Pony and the band’s own LootBag Records.
Across the six tracks which comprise Eventually, a dark, razor-sharp, grunge-glam sound emerges. Combining elements of ‘90s grunge sneer and early-aughts indie-rock with honeyed pop melodics and contemporary post-punk ingenuity, an unquantifiable element is added to build a grimly glowing and incredibly fun collection of tracks.
After years of feverish experimentation, jam space meets and last-minute show fill-ins, The Effens have solidified their lineup with Austin Nops (vocalist and guitarist), Paul Theo (guitar and synth/samples), Hannah Weber (bass and vocals), and Fabian Oblivion (drums).
Recording and producing on their own tracks is part of the band’s DIY bent. Music videos are self-made on video cameras found by the band; merch is designed and manufactured among the four members; and friends orchestrate on-stage visuals for live performances, augmented by tchotchkes procured by the band from thrift stores.
“The more we do on our own, the more everything has our fingerprint on it.”
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