Divides Unfold are a Northern Irish hard rock band formed in 2015, releasing their debut EP ‘Motion’ on all major platforms in 2018. With members from three countries and basing themselves in Belfast, Divides blend heavy modern tones with huge choruses and energetic live performances.


‘’Their chunky, hard rock style thundered it’s a way through the Pavilion bar’’ – Uberrock.co.uk

‘’Vocalist Mark Penney is incredible, the band is equally… well, incredible. They sound like a smorgasbord of Alter Bridge and any of the grunge feel bands – Temple of the Dog, Soundgarden, you choose.’’ – Moshville Times

”A really dynamic and vibrant sound, with plenty of commercial appeals, yet hefty enough to make the hairs stand on the back of your neck.” – rocknloadmag.com

Mark Penney, Vocals/Guitar
Alex Ilic, Guitar
Gianluca Lo Dico, Bass
Adam Wilson, Drums

“Truth Behind” Video:


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