Diverted Disorder release powerful new single Destroyed By Fate featuring Jared Gunston and Misstiq

Diverted Disorder release powerful new single Destroyed By Fate featuring Jared Gunston and Misstiq 

In a time of disorder, a melodic enigma ascended from the ashes of a better time? Masterfully mixing Alternative, Rock, and even Core soundscapes, Diverted Disorder rose from the basement of South Africa to unleash a unique harmonic fusion of sonic excellence. Their latest auditory offering is a single titled “Destroyed By Fate“, an Intoxicating ballad that exhibits assertive gravity in song writing and musicianship, guaranteed to not only widen the band’s scope and audience, but certainly surprise and delight on all fronts!

“Destroyed By Fate” incorporates the mastery of one-man Rock Show, Producer, Mixing and Mastering Engineer Jared Gunston on guitar and vocals, as well as Producer, Performer and Social Sensation Misstiq on keys.

Title: Destroyed By Fate (04:33)
Performing Artist: Diverted Disorder
Featuring Artists: Jared Gunston & Misstiq

Author & Composer: Hardy Mills
Genre: Alternative Rock
Country: South Africa
Independent Release

Clean Lyrics

SAMRO # 001564382

UPC # 196697776684
ISRC # QZFZ22218183

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Instagram @DisorderDiverted

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