UK magazine Distorted Sound premiered the latest track of this sensational dark and atmospheric death metal band Nattravnenwhich boasts of having members of DeathWombbathHeads For The DeadMassacre, etc. Stream the song AT THIS LINK,  while the rest of them can be heard on Bandcamp

– “10/10 TOP ALBUM 2018” – Slovak Metal Army

– “simultaneously eerie and crushing” – Decibel Magazine (US)

– “one of the albums of the year” – Cult To Our Darkest Past (Spain)

– “one of the more highly anticipated death metal albums this year” – Head-Banger Reviews (US)

– “you get offered what you really do not expect” – Hell Is Open (Germany) 9/10

– “a great record” – Heavy Blog Is Heavy (US)

– “dark, destructive and utterly absorbing” – The Killchain (UK)

– “outstanding” – GBHBL (UK) 9/10

– “excellent” – Deadly Storm (Czech Republic)

– “a magnificent album” – Dioses Del Metal (Spain)

– “shuddering power” – No Clean Singing (US)

– “some of the most unique and obliterating Death Metal I have heard” – Nattskog (UK)

– “a monstrous album” – Musipedia of Metal (US) 8/10

– “waste no time engulfing listeners” – Toilet ov Hell (US)

Nattravnen (International) – Kult of the Raven (December 7th, 2018)

Genre – Death Metal
Release Date – December 7th, 2018
Record Label – Transcending Obscurity Records (India)
For fans of – (early) Amorphis, (first) Darkthrone, Cemetary (Sweden), Heads For The Dead, Ursinne, Bloodbath, Unleashed

Original Death and Massacre vocalist Kam Lee gives one of his best performances here. Nattravnen is about the legend of Night Raven, for which Kam has written an actual story, in addition to complete lyrics of the album. Jonny Petterson of Heads For The DeadWombbath has created sublime music that is death metal laced with black metal and atmospheric doom elements, while being devastatingly heavy in his trademark style. Together the duo has concocted not only one of the most interesting death metal albums of this era, but also one with rare lasting value and superior musicianship. This is essentially dark death metal with better expression and scope. Juanjo Castellano of Revel In Flesh and Carnation fame is responsible for the magnificent album artwork and even the label owner Kunal Choksi chipped in with the band logo. All in all, this is one of the most important releases to come out which sets new standards for the style altogether.

Line up: 
Kam Lee – Vocals and lyrics (ex-Death, ex-MassacreThe Grotesquery)
Jonny Pettersson – All instruments (Heads For The DeadWombbathHenry Kane)

Artwork by Juanjo Castellano (CarnationRevel In Flesh)
Layout by Francesco Gemelli (MasterKatatoniaPaganizer)
Logo by Kunal Choksi

Track list: 
1. The Night Of The Raven
2. Suicidium, The Seductress Of Death
3. Corvus Corax Crown
4. Upon The Sound Of Her Wings
5. Return To Nevermore
6. From The Haunted Sea
7. The Anger Of Despair When Coping With Your Death
8. Kingdom Of The Nattravnen
9. Kult Av Ravnen

Official Nattravnen Facebook

Official Transcending Obscurity Site

Official Transcending Obscurity Facebook

Official Transcending Obscurity YouTube Channel

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