Female-fronted pop punk quartet Distant Youth has just released “Time Is Fleeting” – the group’s first official single (after the launch of the band’s extremely popular and well-received cover rendition of Halsey’s hit song – “Without Me”)! Aiming to create and build the specific mixture of diversified feelings and emotions related to the coming of age period of every person, this song features attitude, switching between lively, upbeat instincts and noticeable melancholy with accomplished melodies and an absolutely thrilling chorus. “Time Is Fleeting” is tailor made for singing along and is definitely an ear worm of the nth degree, as every aspect of this tracks walks well above the good line, considering its interesting and dynamic vocal lines, excellent rhythm section and adequate guitar lines and overall well-composed structure that is certainly meant to translate amazingly to a live setting, as showcased by the respective video as well.
Watch the video for “Time Is Fleeting” by clicking on the image below.
Explaining the main concept behind “Time Is Fleeting”Distant Youth adds: “This song is about a relationship that ended, due to both people choosing different paths in life, which is something almost anyone can relate to at some point in their life. We chose “Time Is Fleeting” for our first original release, because it fits the summer vibe by sounding fun, catchy, and upbeat, despite the darker lyricism. It adds an interesting contrast and also shows that, while things may seem okay on the surface, there’s more than meets the eye if you look a little deeper.”

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