Distant // Dusk of Anguish // EP Review


This 6 piece hailing from Rotterdam, The Netherlands and Bratislava, Slovakia are set to bring part two of the tale of Tyrannotophia – the realm of the doomed and worlds damnation with the follow up to Dawn Of Corruption. The band began in 2014 and released their debut EPs Slither in 2015 followed by Tsukuyomi in 2017 and 2 years later saw the release of the debut full-length Tyrannotophia before the First chapter of this story was released in 2020.

This monster is 6 tracks spanning 21 minutes of jaw-breaking brutality starts with a moody intro that guides us to outrageously crushing riffs and a blistering vocal that melts your skin and boils your fat. The drums pummel your bones like being underneath a whacker plate as the breakdowns are like gurgling bowels with aspects of Tech Death thrown in with astonishing Deathcore and a sprinkle on Slam.

By the time we reach ‘The Eternal Lament,’ you would be forgiven for thinking that there is no way of getting darker and more stunningly broken down – however, you are wrong. This shit is just getting started, with Brutal Death Metal gutturals and a pace that reaches stationary, this track certainly has “Oh Fuck” moments.

The EP seems to go from strength to strength as the following track ‘Cryogenesis’ adds a hint of samples and includes a guest vocal appearance by Lochie Keogh of Alpha Wolf. I think its fair to suggest that whilst the EP features this and another track with a guest appearance (‘Dusk of Anguish’ featuring John Robert C. of The Last Ten Seconds Of Life) this is more of an optional extra than a necessity.

Distant can more than hold their own against Deathcore band and would smash the fuck out of most of what is considered ‘heavy’ as this EP displays their incredible power and stunning ability to capture such ferocity and leaves you just yearning to start this blistering musical offering again as you try and take in its true destructive might.

You have been wanted, this downtempo mammoth takes no prisoners and sets the new standard.

Ed Ford


Dusk Of Anguish will be released on 19th March 2021 via Unique Leader.



1. The Offering
2. Dusk Of Anguish ft. John Robert C. (The Last Ten Seconds Of Life)
3. The Eternal Lament
4. Cryogenesis ft. Lochie Keogh (Alpha Wolf)
5. Graveborn
6. Rakva











Distant // Dusk of Anguish // EP Review
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