Disowning - Human Cattle - Album Review
Disowning - Human Cattle - Album Review9
Disowning - Human Cattle - Album Review9
Disowning - Human Cattle - Album Review9
Disowning - Human Cattle - Album Review9
Disowning - Human Cattle - Album Review9
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Following the 2018 EP release Battle of Neverness, Disowning now bring their debut full-length release Human Cattle to the world as they continue on their punishing Death Metal journey, making some serious waves as they go. Being fronted by ex-Offending vocalist Jesus ‘The Butcher’, the band use this platform to describe the world whereby the human race ceases to exist through self-destruction, a position possible should the world not start caring about tomorrow and continue to spiral downward.

The album opens up with ‘Ghost Area’ and immediately you are met with some quick-paced Death Metal, containing some scything riffs and an undertone of groove that the track seems to bounce off of. The vocal is as deep, gruff and punishing as you are likely to hear, narrating this bleak future with the perfect tone and pace. The drums never seem to stop punishing as the band display many different sub-genres, as they all culminate in a very tasty opening Death Metal beast.

This successful recipe continues in its full gruesome fashion, beating the hell out of you in a way that hasn’t been heard for a while. Many will say it is a good Old School Death sound, however, I think that maybe the combination of Technicality, Brutality, Death and Blackened Death may actually be the future of Death Metal as we stop trying to dissect everything and just go with the fact that this sounds awesome.

‘Suffocated By My Walls’ is a straight-up assault on the senses as this blunt forced beast continues to lay waste to everything as this 10 track behemoth marches on decimating for the full 40 minutes. Packed with firing drums, chainsaw guitars, technical lead guitars, white-hot riffs and hooks that will tear your lungs out as they catch you, Disowning have really managed to create and capture something as truly exceptional as the subject matter is terrifying.

Human Cattle is a must-hear for any fan of heavier music. Get yourself comfortable, sit in a dark room and turn this up, but be prepared for the uneasy sounds that are created. If you like this kind of music, you will love this release, if you are unsure on Death Metal, strap yourself in and treat yourself to some of the finest Death Metal you will hear this year.

Ed Ford


Human Cattle is released July 12th2019 via Xenokorp.


Track List

  1. Ghost Area
  2. Battle of Neverness
  3. Another Piece in my Collection
  4. Intoxicated by this Illusion
  5. Suffocated by My Walls
  6. The Servants of Chaos
  7. Inner Emptiness
  8. Alone on this Dark Path
  9. Human Cattle
  10. The Storm before the Storm





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