Disconnect - Tragic Doom - EP Review
Disconnect - Tragic Doom - EP Review8
Disconnect - Tragic Doom - EP Review8
Disconnect - Tragic Doom - EP Review8
Disconnect - Tragic Doom - EP Review8
Disconnect - Tragic Doom - EP Review8
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Disconnect are a three-piece Experimental Death Metal band from Belfast and already have a number of releases under their belt, dating back to 2012. Tragic Doom is the bands 6th release, partnering the other 2018 release titled Savoured Lacerations. This EP is 5 tracks in length spanning roughly 25 minutes, so sit down and get comfortable as Tragic Doom is about to take you on a tour of Death Metal and its sub genres.

‘Traditional Poison’ kicks off the album and opens with serene music and a melancholy vocal that sounds very soothing and full of sorrow. Initially you will question whether what you are listening to falls under Death Metal, or Metal at all, however, don’t forget this is experimental and therefore expect the unexpected. Through the start of this intro there are dark undertones and then suddenly a growl comes from the microphone, the detuned guitars kick in, very Doom style and a gruff vocal begins.

‘Far From All’ continues in the Death Metal form, feeling very Black Metal, with a steady pace, a deep gravelly vocal and very purposeful and sinister sounding guitars as Disconnect continue to span their full range, we seamlessly end up with a more choral vocal to close the track.

‘Impurity Purge’ starts quickly, the vocal is very Black Metal, matched with the effects and the detuning, the pace is certainly picked up to an old school Black Metal pace, the production feels murkier here as well as the screams and growls. However as we have learnt by now expect the unexpected as we are hurtled into a more Prog like state and the vocal switches to a clean and tuneful one and the guitars are now clear before returning back to a blood curdling vocal and the previous dark wonders.

‘Corrugated Flesh’ is the penultimate track with it crashing drums, deep riffs and a definite groove at times, again this is an unconventional sounding track, as is the length of this track, the shortest on the EP at under 2 minutes.

Finishing the EP is ‘Tragic Doom’ the longest track, clocking in just shy of 9 minutes. The concoction of sounds continues with changing beats, sounds and vocals making this difficult to pigeonhole, which isn’t a bad thing at all. There is groove, meaty hooks, growling vocals, clean vocals, Prog type influences, a real mixed bag that works very well.

This EP is clever, intricate and executed extremely well as it keeps you on your toes and questioning not only what is next but how you got where you are. This is the perfect example of expression through music and allowing it to flow and take you wherever it feels at the time, a complex and unique EP.


Ed Ford


Track List

  1. Traditional Poison
  2. Far From All
  3. Impurity Purge
  4. Corrugated Flesh
  5. Tragic Doom




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