Dirty Shirley // Dirty Shirley // Album Review

The latest George Lynch project is something to behold, packed to the brim with classic rock tracks, bluesy numbers and a hint of Lynch Mob thrown in for good measure. Adding to Lynch’s unbelievable talent is singer Dino Jelusick, Animal Drive and Trans-Siberian Orchestra, who sounds like a mix between the late great Ronnie James Dio and David Coverdale, his voice is incredible and a fantastic foil for Lynch’s guitar skills and the undeniable talent of Trevor Roxx on bass and Will Hunt on drums.

“Here Comes The King” kicks off the proceedings with a real rocky number that sets the tone of the album jammed with groovy riffs and crashing drums. “Dirty Blues” is exactly that, a killer bluesy tracker that will have you tapping your foot and nodding your head without even realizing it. “I Disappear” starts out with a thick riff before the drums come crashing in as a cool bass beat runs over it, the vocals of Dino are something else and paired off with Lynch’s guitar work it just kicks it on that much more.”The Dying” has a cool mix of blues and rock with a serious kick with the drums to the fore and some brilliant guitars, again the vocal talents of Dino are not to be sneezed at, he has an unbelievable set of pipes.

“Last Man Standing” is a Lynch Mob track if ever there was one with twangy guitars and a kind of country-rock vibe but with some serious groove a cracking track. “Siren Song” picks up the pace with a fast and funky beat with a killer hook that just enthralls you and excellent guitars make it a classic. “The Voice Of A Soul” is a straight-up power rock tune with nice easy flowing guitars and a tempered drum beat throughout and again Dino giving it socks on the vocals just to show off his seriously impressive range. “Cold” has more of an edge to it, a sharper guitar, buzzing bass and a thumping drum beat. “Escalator” is another funky rocker with a groovy cymbal driven beat a real foot stomper. “Higher” kicks it up another notch while starting out slowly it builds to a raucous crescendo before dropping off midway through to a chilled funky break before Lynch goes nuts on the guitar with another worldly solo. The final track on the album “Grand Master” is a semi-acoustic track with an oriental flourish throughout, a nice easy way to close out a cracking album.



Dirty Shirley is out 24th January Via Frontiers Music srl


Dirty Shirley are:

George Lynch                  Guitars

Dino Jelusick                  Vocals/Keyboard

Trevor Roxx                           Bass

Will Hunt                           Drums


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