Dion // Stomping Ground // Album Review


Dion is back with his latest offering “Stomping Ground’ a collection of tracks packed once again with a collaboration to make the eyes water, Job Bonamassa, Eric Clapton Mark Knopfler and Sir Bruce of the family Springsteen none the less join Doin through another sonic rollercoaster that any guitarist or music lover would enjoy. 

Stomping Ground follows up on his highly successful and critically acclaimed 2020 album Blues With Friends that set Dion on this path and enveloping himself in his newfound love of working with the greats of the industry. Dion himself is a highly respected musician within the industry having a lengthy career at the very top of his game, but the opportunity to work alongside the absolute best in the Blues world has reignited his love for making music once again. The list of people who came forward to work with Dion is a who’s who of the very best of the industry, 

Guest artists appearing on tracks with Dion include Boz Scaggs, Mark Knopfler, Eric Clapton, Peter Frampton, Patti Scialfa, Bruce Springsteen, Billy F Gibbons, Keb’ Mo’, Sonny Landreth, Joe Menza, Mike Menza, Marcia Ball, Jimmy Vivino, Rickie Lee Jones, Wayne Hood, Joe Bonamassa and G.E. Smith with Pete Townshend’s liner notes which Dion describes as “amazing.” “When I was young, I was always striving for accolades and admiration,” says Dion. “Those were my goals. But when I reached them, they didn’t satisfy. I discovered joy when I learned to stop caring about all that – when I learned to relax and make music with friends… music that would make more friends for us through its joy. To make music with friends, and to make friends through music: I can’t imagine a better life than this. I am grateful to my friends who made Stomping Ground with me – and my new friends who are listening.” 

The musicianship on this album is simply superb, a delight to listen to, Dion and the best in the business “Cutting Heads” is a joy to behold. 

Stomping Ground is released on KTBA Records on Nov 19th. 




Stomping Ground CD tracklisting

1. Take It Back with Joe Bonamassa
2. Hey Diddle Diddle 
with G.E. Smith
3. Dancing Girl 
with Mark Knopfler
4. If You Wanna Rock ‘n’ Roll 
with Eric Clapton
5. There Was A Time
 with Peter Frampton
6. Cryin’ Shame with 
Sonny Landreth
7. The Night Is Young 
with Joe Menza & Wayne Hood
8. That’s What The Doctor Said 
with Steve Conn
9. My Stomping Ground 
with Billy Gibbons
10. Angel In The Alleyways 
with Patti Scialfa & Bruce Springsteen
11. I’ve Got To Get To You 
with Boz Scaggs & Joe and Mike Menza
12. Red House 
with Keb’ Mo’
13. I Got My Eyes On You Baby 
with Marcia Ball & Jimmy Vivino
14. I’ve Been Watching with 
Rickie Lee Jones & Wayne Hood


Stomping Ground track listing (LP version — CD version follows the same order)

Side A

  1. Take It Back with Joe Bonamassa
  2. Hey Diddle Diddle with G.E. Smith
  3. Dancing Girl with Mark Knopfler
  4. If You Wanna Rock ‘n’ Roll with Eric Clapton

Side B

  1. There Was A Time with Peter Frampton
  2. Cryin’ Shame with Sonny Landreth
  3. The Night Is Young with Joe Menza and Wayne Hood

Side C

  1. That’s What The Doctor Said with Steve Conn
  2. My Stomping Ground with Billy F Gibbons
  3. Angel In the Alleyways with Patti Scialfa and Bruce Springsteen

Side D

  1. I’ve Got To Get To You with Boz Scaggs, Joe Menza and Mike Menza
  2. Red House with Keb’ Mo’
  3. I Got My Eyes On You Baby with Marcia Ball and Jimmy Vivino
  4. I’ve Been Watching with Rickie Lee Jones and Wayne Hood

About Keeping the Blues Alive (KTBA) Records

The new independent record label is an offshoot of Keeping the Blues Alive Foundation, Joe Bonamassa’s non-profit that aims to conserve the art of music in schools and preserve the rich culture and history of the blues. Bonamassa along with his long-time manager, Roy Weisman, have expanded their business by creating the new label.

The first release from KTBA was Dion’s album Blues with Friends, released to critical acclaim in June 2020; thereafter, it stayed at #1 on the Billboard Blues Chart for several weeks. In February 2021, KTBA Records released Joanna Connor’s album 4801 South Indiana Avenue which received rave reviews worldwide and earned her a #1 album on Billboard’s Blues Chart. KTBA’s catalogue is growing quickly with new projects on the horizon including The Blues Album, Joanne Shaw Taylor’s first covers album available on September 24th and Dion’s Stomping Ground, as described here.

KTBA Records’ main objective is to provide a platform for musical talent in blues and blues-rock based music and helping promote the careers of extraordinary musical talent. The label works synergistically with the non-profit’s mission of supporting musicians to continue the legacy of the blues. 10% of all profits from KTBA Records are donated to the non-profit.

KTBA Records is the next step for Bonamassa in the evolution of music and the business of creating it. It represents Joe’s continuing efforts, spanning the last 25 years, in support the artistic community. It reflects the philosophy of paying it forward just as so many did for him in the hope of paving the way for blues artists in the future. Visit www.KTBArecords.com for further information.



Dion // Stomping Ground // Album Review
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