Dining With Dogs // The Problem With Friends // Album Review
Dining With Dogs // The Problem With Friends // Album Review7
Dining With Dogs // The Problem With Friends // Album Review7
Dining With Dogs // The Problem With Friends // Album Review7
Dining With Dogs // The Problem With Friends // Album Review7
Dining With Dogs // The Problem With Friends // Album Review7
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Formed by The Dead See guitarist and vocalist Mark Key (also of BLK OPS) and drummer Josh Paul along with bassist Marcos Morals (music video director for Today Is The Day), Dining With Dogs bring us their debut album and the Austin, Texas-based band have provided 10 tracks with numerous influences for this first offering.

Opening with ‘Oddly Shaped Skull’ the first thing that hits you is that the recording and the bass is that of a sludge kind of sound, yet the vocal almost has a southern drawl which creates a kind of fusion feeling. Then when the guitar appears, provides a simple yet horror aspect to the offering, and the chorus erupts into a culmination of everything previously mentioned, this is Hard Rock with many layers.

As the second track ‘Sweet Talkin’ Psycho’ arrives this recipe continues, with the echoey vocal, the horror aspect is provided by backing vocals and the guitars provide this sludgy riff and tone whilst the mood is certainly doomy the music is allowed to reach other aspects of the musical spectrum.

We experience Post Rock and Djent influences as we progress through the album, all still retaining this murky shroud that would usually be associated with the Sloom arena, yet Dining With Dogs provides an almost freshness to the sound. 

The 10 tracks span some 38 minutes and bring something new to the table which is always welcome, especially when the new material is something of such quality and originality. As you experience The Problem With Friends you will pass hear pretty much every influence of Southern, Doom, Sludge and Hard Rock that you can imagine and come out the other end realizing that instead of trying pigeon hole this, just press play, sit back and enjoy the fact that we have something slightly different to the norm and the fact this is also rather good!

The Problem With Friends is a captivating debut album and one that deserves to get a lot of attention, so my advice is to give something new a whirl, you never know you may quite like it!

Ed Ford


The Problem With Friends is released Friday 15th May 2020 via Morales’ Dirt City Studios.


Track List

  1. Oddly Shaped Skull
  2. Sweet Talkin’ Psycho
  3. Apostate
  4. Puzzled
  5. Problem With Friends
  6. Snowflake
  7. Sacred Weapons
  8. Of The Poison Tree
  9. Spreading Thin
  10. Killing Machine









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