Dictator Ship to release second album – Launch first single and album title track ”Electric Jihad”

Dictator Ship to release second album

Launch first single and album title track ”Electric Jihad”

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Dictator Ship returns with new music. In 2020, the band released their debut album ”Your Favorites” which received praise from fans and media alike, being called ”An astounding live-in-studio debut” by UK’s Classic Rock Magazine. Now the Swedish four piece is back, ready to launch their second studio album ”Electric Jihad” in September 2023. Blending energetic rock’n’roll with melodies inspired by 60’s soul and doo-wop, the band has carved out their very own niche in the rock landscape, perfectly displayed on the new album. The first single as well as the title track of Dictator Ship’s second album ”Electric Jihad” is released on the 26th of May on The Sign Records.

The band comments on ”Electric Jihad”:

Most people just want to go about and do their part in life without too much trouble. Peace and quiet, and a sense that you’re doing well for yourself and the people you care about. But when society decides to exploit and use your loyalty for the benefit of the filthy few that profit from our labor, then sometimes people tend to take to the streets and show their honest discontent to what they feel is unjust and wrong. This song is about what usually happens when representatives of the state and people who have reached the breaking point clash on the streets in fear and anger. The pigs usually win.

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Dictator Ship! A frenetic rock’n’roll quartet channeling their inner obsession of 60’s soul and doo-wop, inspired by early giants such as Sam & Dave, Sly & The Family Stone, Jackie Wilson and The Platters. Their live act is often described as a combination of the raging sound of The Sonics, the discontent attitude of MC5 and the pure stamina of Elvis Presley in Las Vegas.

Dictator Ship released their debut album “Your Favorites” on The Sign Records in 2020. The album was received with acclaim and Classic Rock Magazine marks it as ”An astounding live-in-studio debut from a raw twin-guitar-fronted quartet of Swedes, all of whom double on vocals, channeling the MC5’s explosive, action-rock remodel of 60s soul. Essential. 9/10”. In 2021, Dictator Ship released two singles that will be followed by their second album ”Electric Jihad” in September 2023, along with three more singles.

”Electric Jihad” is a step up from the debut album in every single way, with more harmonies in the vocals and more structure in the guitars. It’s also a reflection of how the band feels about the society they live in.