Diamond Head - The Coffin Train - Album Review
Diamond Head - The Coffin Train - Album Review 9
Diamond Head - The Coffin Train - Album Review 9
Diamond Head - The Coffin Train - Album Review 9
Diamond Head - The Coffin Train - Album Review 9
Diamond Head - The Coffin Train - Album Review 9
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Underrated is a phrase that gets thrown around an awful lot, sometimes rightly so but most times not. That, however, is not the case where Diamond Head is concerned, on the go for nearly forty-five years in one form or another they have never really hit the heights they deserve but hopefully with their latest offering The Coffin Train that will change.

It’s hard to believe that a band who was at the forefront of the NWOBHM have only released eight albums and this might just be one of their best. It tears out of the traps with “Belly Of The Beast” a fast-paced track that is loaded with killer riffs. “The Messenger” runs hot on its heels and is just as unrelenting opening up with some tasty guitar work by Brian Tatler before Andersen unleashes his amazing vocal talent on a song that has a seriously groovy feel. The title track “The Coffin Train” is a slower heavier track with a chugging drum beat and more Tatler wizardry on the guitar and when Andersen starts to sing he sounds eerily like Chris Cornell, a great track.

“Shades Of Black” is a drum-heavy track with a kind of sinister feel to it and it’s brilliant. “The Sleeper” comes in two parts, the first a minute long prelude that flows nicely into one of the best tracks on the album. A heavy beat overlaid with riffs and a symphonic string section tied together nicely with Anderson’s fantastic vocal range. “Death by Design” has a catchy riff right from the off and a ripper beat that is lashed out at a breakneck pace for a good old fashioned headbanger. “Serrated Love” is a foot-stomper if ever there was one, with a massive bassline and thumping drums with groovy riffs throughout and an amazing solo. “The Phoenix” opens as its predecessor closed with some nice acoustic guitar work which however is short lived before you are assaulted with a great chugging riff that runs through the track with Andersen again displaying his brilliant vocal range and some seriously good guitar work.

“Until We Burn” brings a great album to a fitting close showing the full range of these guys’ talents, not as hard or heavy as the previous tracks but still an epic finish.




The Coffin Train is available everywhere via Silver Lining Music May 24th


Diamond Head is

Rasmus Bon Andersen                  Vocals

Brian Tatler                                    Lead guitar, backing vocals

Karl Wilcox                                    Drums

Andy Abberley                                    Rhythm guitar

Dean Ashton                                    Bass, backing vocals


Excited to bring The Coffin Trainto the world, Diamond Head will be touring Europefor most of 2019 and are confirmed on the line-up of two very special UK shows with NWOBHM giants, SAXON, which will take place on October 19that London’s iconic Hammersmith and October 20that the O2 Apollo in Manchester. 


21stJune – Hellfest, France
26th Camp Bestival, UK

27th July – Rock & Blues Festival, UK 

3rd August – Wacken Open Air, Germany

24thAugust – Stonedeaf Festival, UK

19thOctober – Eventim Apollo London, UK*

20thOctober – o2 Apollo Manchester, UK*

7-10thNovember – Hard Rock Hell Festival, Wales, UK

16thNovember – Cornwall Rocks Festival, UK

29thNovember – Winterstorm Festival, Scotland, UK

* Supporting Saxon

More dates to be announced.






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