DeWolff // Tascam Tapes // Album Review
DeWolff // Tascam Tapes // Album Review 10
DeWolff // Tascam Tapes // Album Review 10
DeWolff // Tascam Tapes // Album Review 10
DeWolff // Tascam Tapes // Album Review 10
DeWolff // Tascam Tapes // Album Review 10
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Dutch Trio DeWolff are back with a beauty of a recording in the form of Tascam Tapes, now this is not your usual pristine, overproduced monster born out of a multi-million-dollar studio. Instead, the trio took a hands-on DIY approach with this majestic recording going old school, taking the time to record the whole thing whilst on the road capturing it on an old 8-track and a stripped-back approach. 

You may wonder what that means in 2020, after all, we’re in the future right? Well, you get this beautify packaged collection of songs that just resonate from the off, an honest recording that has no air or graces about it and simply lets the musicianship do the talking. As the guys brought everything right back to basics you have an ethereal feel that envelopes you, it’s a fully immersive experience that allows you to just ‘be’ with the music. 

It’s a testament to DeWolff and the quality within their songwriting that The Tascam Tapes stands alongside their previous recordings without question, showcasing what these Dutch masters have brought to the game for their 7th studio album. Packed into a suitcase and recorded on the go with a Tascam Porta Two, a four-track cassette recorder from the 1980s. The only equipment they used was a sampler with some rare soul and funk sampled drum beats loaded in by Luka, a battery-powered synthesiser and a guitar, all plugged directly into the recorder.

Unbelievable in today’s music scene as the digital age has seemed to have taken us over, but what you get is a stunning recording that is a beacon to any young musician out there who feels they need more, a better guitar, better amp, more effects, just take a breath and take it back a notch. 

This has to be one of the albums of 2020 without a doubt, it’s an absolute beauty. 

Tascam Tapes is out now via Mascot Label Group/Mascot Records. 



1. North Pole Blues

2. Blood Meridian I

3. It Ain’t Easy

4. Rain

5. Made It To 27

6. Nothing’s Changing

7.Let It Fly

8. Blood Meridian II

9. Awesomeness of Love

10. Love Is Such A Waste

11. Am I Losing My Mind

12. Life In A Fish Tank



Watch the album mini Rockumentary here:


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