It’s crazy to think that Dez Fafara and the Californian crew have been hard at it for nearly 20 years, it doesn’t seem that long ago that I was rocking out to ‘Loco’ with Dez when he was the frontman of Coal Chamber.

DevilDriver has been a band that has never shied away from being the band that they want to be and creating the music that they want. This has been supported throughout by label Napalm Records and Fafara is very open in his support for the way that the label is run if you listen to any podcasts that he speaks on. This dream match up allows for full creative license and when that happens, magic is made.

With Dealing With Demons I being the ninth studio album and the follow up to the 2018 Outlaws ‘til the End: Vol 1 and having already recorded the second part of this album, the band are clearly in a creative place and that is clear as soon as the album erupts into life, with a scream, riff and blistering drums, before a simple yet sinister riff, takes over and the incredible metal begins to blow your head off.

With full riffage and an incredible groove being carried throughout the tracks, DevilDriver are clearly on top form, even when the vocals take a turn for the clean on tracks like ‘Wishing’ every track has circle pit inducing properties and until that moment arrives where we can lose our shit at a gig, you will be headbanging all the way through this record.

Whilst tracks like ‘You Give Me a Reason to Drink’ have clear darker meanings (Fefara has been sober for a number of years) the emotion gushes across the track and you soon find yourself singing along with this anthem as the double kick drum is yet again put to its full use and the guitars are oozing quality solos, something that the album is full of.

Dealing With Demons I is one of my favorite DevilDriver albums as it rattles your cage from start to finish, leaving no space for breath and if this is a sign if part II, then fuck, that is going to be heavy. This has to be one of the Metal releases of 2020 as it smashes your skull into pieces, but it feels like so much fun, you just want it to do it over and over again.


Ed Ford


Dealing with Demons I is released October 2nd via Napalm Records



Keep Away From Me
Vengeance Is Clear
Nest of Vipers
You Give Me a Reason to Drink feat. Simon Blade Fafara
Dealing With Demons
The Damned Don’t Cry
Scars Me Forever



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