DEVANGELIC / No Clean Singing Post Full-Album Stream of Ersetu
DEVANGELIC and No Clean Singing have launched the premiere of the band’s newest album, Ersetu.
NCS had this to say about DEVANGELIC’s performance on the album, “They will leave listeners electrified rather than exhausted. They will also leave you black-and-blue and smiling through broken teeth. Being eviscerated and beaten to a pulp never felt so good.”
The stream comes a week ahead of the album’s May 15 release date. Listen now at this location.
Named after the Akkadian term for “Mesopotamian Underworld / Realm of the Dead,” Ersetu is a concept album based on the Annunaki’s myth “Those Who from Heaven to Earth Came.” The myth explores the theory of creation through the alien DNA, human slavery and the legend of the great serpent (the Knower) as the emblem of Enki and of two of his sons, Ningishzidda and Marduk.
Willowtip Records will release Ersetu May 15 on CD, LP and digital formats.
Featuring 9 tracks of otherworldly death metal, Ersetu is a journey through the ancient land of Mesopotamia all combined with the darkest elements of the Sumerian’s religion and deities.
Pre-order the album at:
Track listing:
1. Swarm of Serpents
2. Upon the Wrath of Divinities
3. Eyes of Abzu
4. Subterranean Revelations
5. Embalmed in Visceral Fluids
6. Throne of Larvae
7. Vomiting the Infected
8. Sigils of Fallen Abominations
9. Cryptic Resurrection
Drums recorded at Ex-Oblivion Studio (Oristano / Italy) with Fabrizio “Xul” Sanna
Produced & Mixed at 16th Cellar Studio (Rome / Italy) by Stefano “Saul” Morabito
Mastered at Hertz Recording Studio (Poland) by Wieslawski Wojciech
DEVANGELIC logo by Jon Zig
Cover artwork by Nick Keller
Paolo Chiti – Vocals
Mario Di Giambattista – Guitar
Alessio Pacifici – Bass
Marco Coghe – Drums

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