Devangelic // Ersetu // Album Review
Devangelic // Ersetu // Album Review10
Devangelic // Ersetu // Album Review10
Devangelic // Ersetu // Album Review10
Devangelic // Ersetu // Album Review10
Devangelic // Ersetu // Album Review10
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Inspired by bands such as Disgorge, Condemned, and Sarcolytic in August 2012, Devangelic wasted no time in entering the studio as by November 2012 they were in a studio in their home city of Rome to record promo tracks that led to them being signed by their first label in January 2013. By the end of that year, the tracks were completed for the debut album Resurrection Denied and the release was unleashed in June 2014. 

For the next few years, Devangelic toured across Europe and the U.S and also played heavyweight festivals such as Deathfest Open Air, Xxxicken Party in Portugal, Gothoom Open Air in Slovakia and Berlin Deathfest in Germany before Phlegethon was released in October 2017 which led to further tours in the UK, Europe, and further massive festivals and now the Brutal Death Metallers are back with their third album and the first on Willowip Records.

There will be very few if any Brutal Death Metal fans who don’t know what Willowtip Records bring to the table and if you are in the minority, just press play and all will be revealed as Ersetu wastes no time in bringing the Brutal Death in all of is wonderous glory.

Opening with ‘Swarm of Serpents’ the drums punish you with every beat, the guitars rip and the deep growling guttural vocal tops of the wonderful sound, immediately you know that this is going to be one of the Brutal Death Metal releases of the year. This is a sound and feel that you will soon be used to as it continues throughout and feels like it comes very naturally to them.

As the drums hit with sniper precision but machine-gun pace, the guitars provide a blend of Brutal Tech Death mixed with a downtrodden chug that works perfectly and vocally the tone combines a low and also a higher pitch at times to add to the brutality, as if it was actually needed!! This overall sound is one that many bands may try to create, yet Devangelic seems to be able to do it as well as anyone else and does not sound forced.

The 9 tracks on the album span some 32 minutes, of some of the bluntest yet most precise assaults that you will have the joy of experiencing. The intensity is off the scale and the occasional slamming chug provides a slight detour from the overall audible pressure whilst still keeping the sound and feeling like something rarely experienced.

Ersetu is hands down, one of the finest heavy albums that I have heard this year and releases like this are the reason I enjoy reviewing albums. It is difficult to single out individual tracks for their brilliance when the album is made up of 9 outstanding tracks.

There is no denying that the combination of Willowtip Records and Devangelic is a very exciting one and this album is the perfect way to display just how incredible this and are.

Ed Ford

Ersetu is release May 15th 2020 via Willowtip Records


Track List

1.Swarm Of Serpents
2.Upon The Wrath Of Divinities
3.Eyes Of Abzû
4.Subterranean Revelations
5.Embalmed In Visceral Fluids
6.Throne Of Larvae
7.Vomiting The Infected
8.Sigils Of Fallen Abominations
9.Cryptic Resurrection





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