Destruction // Born To Thrash // Album Review
Destruction // Born To Thrash // Album Review 8
Destruction // Born To Thrash // Album Review 8
Destruction // Born To Thrash // Album Review 8
Destruction // Born To Thrash // Album Review 8
Destruction // Born To Thrash // Album Review 8
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One of the biggest German Thrash bands since the early 80’s it is pretty safe to say they are alive and kicking as their latest live offering will attest. It is packed with ten barn burners spanning their entire carrier all played at full tilt and then some. From the first strains of “Curse The Gods” to the outro on “Bestial Invasion,” they have the crowd in the palm of their hands, ripping through each track with power, speed, and precision with the added live intensity everything feels a million times faster. Schmier screams, growls, and snarls his way through each track as a man possessed ably assisted by Sifringer and Eskic on the guitars as Black batters the daylights out of the drums. It could easily have been called “The Best Of Destruction Live” as this is what it is and it is brilliant to a point, the song selection is great and the bands playing ability is never in question but there are a couple of issues that just sour it slightly the main being that it is recorded outdoors which means the sound is not always at a premium and some of the buzz and excitement from the crowd gets lost which leads to the bigger issue and that is that at times it feels overproduced and too cleaned up, purists would rather a raw sound but then the quality of the music would be lost which in turn will lose listeners.


Overall a really good solid album from one of the pioneers of European thrashes metal. 


Born To Thrash is out Friday 17th of July Via Nuclear Blast Records.







1. Curse The Gods 6:57
2. Nailed To The Cross 4:28
3. Born To Perish 5:33
4. Mad Butcher 4:58
5. Life Without Sense 8:00
6. Betrayal 4:09
7. Total Desaster 4:22
8. The Butcher Strikes Back 3:30 9. Thrash Till Death 5:02
10. Bestial Invasion 6:07


Destruction are:

Schmier Vocals, Bass

Mike Sifringer Lead/Rhythm guitar

Damir Eskic Lead/Rhythm Guitar

Randy Black Drums

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