Despised Icon // Purgatory // Album Review
Despised Icon // Purgatory // Album Review10
Despised Icon // Purgatory // Album Review10
Despised Icon // Purgatory // Album Review10
Despised Icon // Purgatory // Album Review10
Despised Icon // Purgatory // Album Review10
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Hold on to your hats folks, you are in for one hell of a ride with this latest release from this brutal Canadian group as they bring us their 6th full-length album and are planning on smashing down anything in their way.

Despised Icon has been one of the pillars in the Brutal side of the Deathcore/Hardcore market and there is very good reason that they are held in such high regard and now we have the follow up to the 2016 release Beast, it is time to get the adrenaline pumping and prepare for shit to get very real.

The opening track ‘Dernier Souffle’ provides a rather serene musical intro that may lull those unaware into a completely false sense of security, do not be sucked in, this is the calm before the storm trust me, and get ready to be beaten as soon as the title track hits.

‘Purgatory’ immediately slaps you in the face with blast beats, chugging riffs and then a brutally brilliant vocal. Get stomping along with the beat and then the brutality really starts to ramp up as the beats continue to take chunks out of you and the bass line provides a deep layer of filth that the guitars chainsaw on top of. The lyrics “………what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” welcomes one of the first outrageously twisted breakdowns that you just have no choice but to be in awe of and then somehow, we hit new depths of heavy. The slower and sludgier this gets the deeper and twisted it becomes.

By the end of the second track, this record has already beaten you to a pulp but Despised Icon don’t care and want to utterly ruin you.

‘Light Speed’ is one of the highlights on the album for me. I love a good break down and I am a huge fan of blast beats testing the resilience of my eardrums, so what better combination than blast beat breakdown. Just get me in that pit!!

The awesomeness just keeps on coming as well as this somehow heavier approach taken by the band repeatedly just destroys everything and you can’t help but be drawn into the music and this album becomes a whole-body experience. Don’t be surprised if you are covered in bruises by the end of the listening to the album when alone, it hits that hard.

Purgatory is nothing short of an aggressively brutal masterpiece that needs to be heard by anyone into their music on the heavier side of the genre.

Ed Ford

Purgatory is released November 15th via Nuclear Blast

Track List

1. Dernier Souffle 1:49

2. Purgatory 3:47

3. Light Speed 2:33

4. Slow Burning 3:16

5. Snake In The Grass 3:21

6. Vies D’Anges 2:53

7. Moving On 4:51

8. Unbreakable 3:14

9. Apex Predator 3:06

10. Legacy 3:26

11. Dead Weight 3:59


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