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Better swagger & sway, as BRANT BJORK has come to revive your rock spirit! The Godfather of Desert Rock, who recently announced the release of his thirteenth solo album titled ‘Mankind Woman’ on September 14th 2018 with Heavy Psych Sounds, once again reminds us that it is the ingredients of the jazz, blues and funk, that makes rock music taste so good. And to serve you this taste, the Kyuss- and Fu Manchu legend has just unleashed another stunning track from his upcoming album and premieres ‘Swagger & Sway’! Lay back, and dive into the one & only low desert sound of BRANT BJORK’s new song right HERE!
“Swagger & Sway is the perfect song for those who like to move with a little attitude in they’re groove. As far as song writing goes, Swagger & Sway was kind of an anomaly.“ Brant explains.„Bubba came up with the guitar parts and upon first hearing them I was instantly into the vibe and direction.
It was one of the first songs we had on the table and I assumed it would be a fairly easy song to assemble based on its classic feel and groove, however, in the end, I wouldn’t describe Swagger and Sway as a pice of low hanging fruit. it was more like a piece of low hanging fruit that we had to patiently wait for it to ripen. Both Bubba and I have an affinity for 60’s music and these particular guitars Bubba presented was a healthy example of all we enjoy from the era. The first thing we worked on was the groove. Its a groove that has to snap, crackle and pop and at the same time flow and not be too busy. This is something easier said than done. I first attempted tracking the song on my early 60’s Rodger’s kit but found that my pocket was a little shallow do to the smaller size drums. I finally ended up using my Ludwig rock kit (same used with Kyuss, FuManchu, etc.) and instantly had a way deeper pocket and a much longer swing. This discovery helped us to commit to using my Ludwig on all but one song on the entire record. Once we had the groove correct we put together a rough arrangement that we sat on while I came up with lyrics and melodies. This is when things got interesting. My first melody approach was very laid back and almost “dreamy”. Both Bubba and I arrived at a place of curiosity because we had a good guitar, a solid groove and a cool melody and hook but for some reason we didn’t feel like it was all sitting together. We decided to put the song on the shelf. It was arguably the last day we would have to make our final attempt to “find” this song and in a moment of heated frustration, I seem to have an instant moment of rocknroll clarity and suggested a entirely different melody and hook along with a totally different lyric, verse and chorus. All of which you hear now. My idea was to awake from the intoxicating guitar hook and counter the psychedelia with a more R&B approach. More Gutsy. More “in your face”. The balancing vibes were instantly perfect. The song that we had on the shelf of frustration for 2 weeks was completed in about 20 minutes. Sometimes song writing can be a game of patience.“



[Album Art by Robin Gnista]


The track list of ‘Mankind Woman’ reads as follows:
1. Chocolatize
2. Lazy Wizards
3. Charlie Gin
4. Mankind Woman
5. Pisces
6. Swagger & Sway
7. Somebody
8. Pretty Hairy
9. Brand New Old Times
10. 1968
11. Nation Of Indica

Although ‘Mankind Woman’ is indeed a BRANT BJORK record it is the first record Brant so closely collaborate with a producer and co-writer; his Low Desert Punk Band guitarist and friend, Bubba Dupree. Brant and Bubba wrote and performed the music along with guest appearances by bass player Armand Secco Sabal, Nick Oliveri and vocalist Sean Wheeler who has been a touring member of the Low Desert Punk Band. The recording took place in March of 2018 at Zainaland, a creative villa owned by Brant Bjork’s wife, Zaina Alwan, in the California desert town of 29 Palms. The record was recorded and engineered by Yosef Sanborn who also owns and operates Massive FX pedals in Los Angeles. Multiple pedals designed by Yosef were used by Brant and Bubba for this record. Additional tracks were recorded by Bubba Dupree at Brant Bjork’s home studio in Venice beach California.

Brant and Bubba describe the sound of ‘Mankind Woman’ as modern classic. It is evidently clear that both Bjork and Dupree specialize in the craft of the sound and feel of the music spawned in the 60’s and 70’s. This record is inspired by this great era, however the intention was not to try to recapture or mimic in retro terms these influences but to strive for a contemporary quality. BRANT BJORK might have gone deeper in the lyrics than on any record before. Focusing on personal sensitivities, elite hypocrisies, racism, sexism and the daily struggle to find peace, love and understanding in today’s American society.

Coming out September 14th 2018 as CD Digipak, Digital Download as well as various limited Vinyl editions, ‘Mankind Woman’ and the upcoming re-issues of BRANT BJORK’s back catalogue ‘Local Angel’ and ‘Tres Dias’ are available to pre-order at


To celebrate his new album, BRANT BJORK will be heavily hitting the road again and bringing fresh jams along with the classics live on stage this year! Make sure to catch the Desert Rock king live on the following dates, with very special guest SEAN WHEELER:

05.10.18 CAN Calgary @ The Palomino
06.10.18 CAN Edmonton @ Free Mason Hall (DJ SET ONLY)
07.10.18 CAN Edmonton @ The Starlite w/ Earthless
09.10.18 CA San Diego @ Spacebar
10.10.18 CA Los Angeles @ The Redwood w/ Nebula
11.10.18 NV @ Vamp’d
12.10.18 CA Pioneertown @ Pappy & Harriets w/ Nebula
13.10.18 CA Long Beach @ Alex’s Bar w/ Earthless
16.10.18 MEX Hermosillo @ Pizza Del Perro Negro w/ Sgt. Papers
18.10.18 MEX Merida @ Pizza Del Perro Negro
20.10.18 MEX Mexico City @ Pizza Del Perro Negro/Rabioso

02.11.18 NO Drammen |Union Scene
03.11.18 SW Stockholm | Debaser Strand
04.11.18 SW Göteborg | Sticky Fingers
05.11.18 SW Malmö | Kulturbolaget
06.11.18 DE Hamburg | Fabrik
07.11.18 NL Amsterdam | Melkweg
08.11.18 BE Leuven | Het Depot
09.11.18 UK London | Garage
10.11.18 FR Paris | Petit Bain
11.11.18 NL Tilburg | O13
12.11.18 DE Wiesbaden | Schlachthof
13.11.18 CH Zürich | Rote Fabrik
14.11.18 CH Martigny | Caves Du Manoir
15.11.18 IT Turin | Spazio 211
16.11.18 AT Innsbruck | Hafen (Heavy Psych Sounds Festival)
17.11.18 DE Munich | Feierwerk
18.11.18 AT Vienna | Arena
19.11.18 DE Dresden | Beatpol
20.11.18 DE Berlin | Festsaal Kreuzberg

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