Deranged // Deeds Of Ruthless Violence // Album Review
Deranged // Deeds Of Ruthless Violence // Album Review8
Deranged // Deeds Of Ruthless Violence // Album Review8
Deranged // Deeds Of Ruthless Violence // Album Review8
Deranged // Deeds Of Ruthless Violence // Album Review8
Deranged // Deeds Of Ruthless Violence // Album Review8
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The veterans that formed in Sweden in 1991 have returned with their 10th studio album and the follow up to the 2016 release Struck By a Murderous Siege and is the first album with the new vocalist, Johan Bergström (Visceral Bleeding) as the band seek to continue their blunt force assault on the music as a whole.

The 8 track offering lasts around 34 minutes and is certainly not one for the weak of heart or those with a nervous disposition, as Deranged continue to plough their own furrow as they lean away from the traditional Swedish Death Metal sound and more toward a technical style and includes some serious grooves.

As soon as the harsh chugs begin on ‘Necro-bulimia interfering afterlife ‘ and the brutal bluntness start to take chunks out of your resolve, those unprepared for the style of music will already be suffering and probably will not recover. This is as blunt and forceful as you are likely to hear in some kind and does not let up in any way.

The down-tuned sounds created by the guitars match the horror-themed tracks perfectly and the vocal is deep and unforgiving in its delivery of unspeakable things. The pace wavers between tracks, however, that does not affect the force that they smash you in the face with an open up any weaknesses found.

‘Carnal provision for the rotten masses’ marks the halfway point to the album and starts with almost Slam like sound and may even get a stomp started as you listen to it, getting ready to get your hammers out, whilst listening to ‘Quarantine required for living entities’ in the middle of self-isolating, did raise a wry smile, however, the brutality soon swiped it away and the reality of what was being heard soon rattled the soul.

Deeds Of Ruthless Violence pretty much is a description as well as an album title and the aggression is clear and extreme from the off and is relentless throughout the entire offering as it chugs and tears away at you in all its glory and is a solid addition to the collection of any fan of Death and Brutal Death Metal and also is a great addition to the already impressive discography of Deranged.

Ed Ford


Deeds Of Ruthless Violence is released March 27th 2020 via Agonia Records


Track List

1. Necro-bulimia interfering afterlife
2. Engulfed by hate I stab to kill
3. Level of lividity
4. Carnal provision for the rotten masses
5. Through stages of putrefaction
6. Carried in pain, released by torture
7. Quarantine required for living entities
8. I send you half the kidney I took


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