Depravity // Grand Malevolence // Album Review

The follow up to the 2018 album Evil Upheaval (which scored 9/10) has finally arrived from the Australian Death Metallers and clearly has a lot to live up to after that rating I gave two years ago.

The 11 tracks album erupts into life with stunning brutality that lushes beyond the realms of Death Metal, with blistering drums white-hot guitars and a vocal that borders in guttural and is generally heard in the more extreme music realms, the band really are taking things to the next level. There are also influences of Tech Death and a slam type sound that cracks you in the temple. By the end of the first track we know that Depravity are not here to fuck about, they are here to fuck you up.

As the album progresses this extreme and brutal sound continues to beat you to mushy pulp with, with squeals and gravelly lows on the mic, stunning riffs and seriously damaging solos the drums destroy whatever is left of your resolve as the band just stand over you and laugh before preparing for another attack.

There has to be recognition for one of the best track names I have read as ‘Cantankerous Butcher’ not only slows things down a tad, it also mixes the styles up a little, whilst not letting up on any of the abuse that is being inflicted through the speakers.

The 49 minutes that make up Grand Malevolence are non stop brutal assaults with differing paces and styles that allow the album to flow whilst maintaining the individuality of each track, just so you know who h one has finished you off!

Depravity have created one of the brutal albums of 2020 and with its variety, will appeal to fans of the many different sub genres of Bruta, Death Metal whilst also opening the door of brutality to fans of Death Metal as they experience this more extreme side of music.

Grand Malevolence is an incredible way to build on the fantastic foundation that was Evil Upheaval however they now have the issue of how do they improve further? Who knows, but fornow let’s all just get mashed to pieces by this stunning album.

Ed Ford


Track list

  1. Indulging Psychotic Thoughts
  2. Grand Malevolence
  3. Invalid Majesty
  4. Cantankerous Butcher
  5. Trophies Of Inhumanity 
  6. Castrate the Perpetrators
  7. The Coming of the Hammering
  8. Barbaric Eternity
  9. Hallucination Aflame
  10. Epitome of Extinction
  11. Ghosts in the Void



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