Denver pop-punks Years Down take a frank look at modern life, on ‘December State of Mind’

Denver pop-punks Years Down have unveiled their new EP.

December State of Mind is out now.

Years Down hone a sharp balance of gritty, urgent punk, with big hooks and heart-on-sleeve lyricism, as the band tackles subjects of mental health, the highs and lows of modern day life and comparison culture.

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Watch the band’s new music video for “In Defense of The Delete Key”.

December State of Mind-Art-Final

Denver, Colorado quintet Years Down have emerged from the pandemic wielding an energy that they want their fans to harness. Taking influence from the likes of New Found Glory and The Wonder Years, the band deliver punk rock the way they believe it should be; honest and high-energy. Nodding to the purveyors of the genre, Years Down present with a distinctly modern soundscape that marries urgency and melody.

Heading into the studio in with producer Taylor Hahn in 2021, Years Down emerged with a string of potent singles. The likes of “Better Off”, “Cover Girl” and “Best of Worst Times” all demonstrating the band’s vitality and grit, with driving guitars, big hooks and resonating heavy injections all on show.

Years Down have mirrored their energy from record to their live show, a boisterous and moreish set that harnesses the Rocky Mountain crew’s expressive brand of pop-punk. A successful recent tour of Texas with Remorsefully Numb proving that state lines are no barrier for infectious sets.

New EP December State of Mind is a catalogue of hard-hitting melodic punk, from the gritty and anthemic “Shades of Grey” to heart-wrenching “Big S.A.D”. Latest offering “In Defense of The Delete Key” is another rousing fist-shaker from a band not afraid to wear their heart on their sleeve, while delivering frank and relatable social commentary.

Stream December State of Mind here.


Years Down is:
Griffin Mather – Vocals
Ben Gonzalez – Drums
Dylan Beresford – Guitar
Rob Cornell – Guitar
Sterling Swanson – Bass


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