Denver Dirt Rockers LOST RELICS Release New EP ‘Now We’re Even’

Denver dirt rockers LOST RELICS release new EP ‘Now We’re Even‘, out now via Coffin & Bolt Records.

Denver dirt rockers LOST RELICS are back with their 1st official release, the 5 track EP Now We’re Even via Coffin & Bolt Records / Golden Robot, out NOW on all digital platforms!
Low rumblings of jagged frequencies form an avatar of oppressive weight for our crumbling society. We clutch to the last gasps of truth smothered by the ocean of deception.

Listen/buy the Now We’re Even EP HERE

The band release two monstrous singles from the EP recently to whet the appetite of fans. The first being ‘Unrealistic Cause’ followed by the title track Now We’re Even’.

The weight of indifference is the boulder that crushes our society. Empathy is dead and with it so are we. It is an ‘Unrealistic Cause’. LOST RELICS employs Richter scale riffs to manifest the emotional density of these troubled times. Songs of protest. Songs of desperation. Songs for the end.
Watch Unrealistic Cause HERE

On ‘Now We’re Even’ dark times and isolation manifest themselves into driving grooves and breakneck time changes for this barnburner track. Imagine pacing the room, trusting no one and crawling out of your skin and you will be part of this sludgy, riff-filled journey.
Watch Now We’re Even HERE

Volume. Riffs. Apathy. Lost Relics formed in 2019 and have been gaining steam since the day they plugged in. Formed from the ashes of Low Gravity, The Worth and Smolder and Burn, Marc Brooks, Jess Ellis, Jason James and Greg Mason quickly hit the ground rolling with their monstrous riffs with breakneck changes and dual vocal delivery. After releasing their self-titled EP in February of 2019, they have steadily been taking the stage to open for national acts and playing festivals across the front range of Colorado.

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