DEMONICAL // Mass Destroyer // Album Review


Sweden’s Demonical are a rare breed.

At the heart of the band, they are flying the flag for the classic HM2 style pioneered by titans like Entombed, Unleashed & Dismember.

But unlike 100s of clones trying to keep both feet in the past. Demonical have always differed, they are trying to move the Swedish death metal style forward.

Since the group’s formation in 2006, they have released six fantastic albums. Gradually over the releases perfecting their sound.

In 2019 the band gained a new vocalist Christofer Säterdal & his first album with the band “World Domination” which was released in 2022 to great critical & fan praise.

After the release of “World Domination,” it seems the band still had a huge inspirational wave & started writing for their newest release this year’s “Mass Destroyer”.

Featuring eight tracks of buzzsaw guitar death metal with some great touches sprinkled throughout this album is a right treat.

“We Conquer The Throne” is just as epic as its title.

After a four-count on the crash cymbal, the band descend into chaos. As mentioned, the band’s overall sound is familiar.

Using the classic HM2 sound but here they have tweaked it to be more focused. More sharp & precise. This isn’t a wall of noise, this is a tight & well-oiled machine Demonical have created.

A brilliant track to open the album that has a very memorable chorus that I could see the band using as a hard-hitting set opener!

“Sun Blackened” the follower is filled to the brim with my favourite things. GROOVE. This track has bucket loads.

Featuring a solid verse section that is as strong as any chorus, the band on the bridge breakdown the whole track half time & turn it into a straight rager.

Now “Wrathspawn” at the halfway point of the album shows what happens when the band wants to turn that dial to 11 & go all-in on the Swedish style.

I don’t think the band would be upset if I said this track would fit perfectly on albums like “Left Hand Path” or “Into The Grave”.

The performance from the whole band on this track is so raw & tight. The drumming from Ronnie Bergerstål on the whole album is top notch but on this track it is relentless.

The interplay with Johan Haglund & Eki Kumpulainen the band’s guitarists here is fantastic. A highlight solo from Eki is the nice little rotten sprinkling the track needed to make it 100% brutal.

“Lifeslave” feels like another dip of the toe. This time into the Melo death style. When the chorus opens up on this track Eki Kumpulainen’s little lead section over the main riffs elevates the track in an epic nature & in the realm of later At The Gates material.

The end of the album “By Hatred Bound” shows that Demonical has what it takes to write a solid album of solid tracks.

None weaken or nor does the quality lack. The closer might be a meat & potatoes affair but what many lacks is the quality to write a solid song in this style that stands up with the other seven tracks!

“Mass Destroyer” is a grotesque & incredible follow up to their previous record. Both albums are perfect companions but “Mass Destroyer” showcases all sides of Demonicals writing styles & has something for all fans of the mutations of the Swedish death metal sound.

Joseph Mitchell

Mass Destroyer is out via Agonia Records on 6th May 2022

Album formats:
– Digipak CD
– Box CD
– Tape
– LP (Black, Red and PD)
– Digital

– TS
– Zipped hooide



1. We Conquer The Throne
2. Sun Blackened
3. Fallen Mountain
4. Wrathspawn
5. Do¨dsmarsch
6. Lifeslave
7. Cemented In Ire
8. By Hatred Bound


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