Defiled // Infinite Regress // Album Review
Defiled // Infinite Regress // Album Review9
Defiled // Infinite Regress // Album Review9
Defiled // Infinite Regress // Album Review9
Defiled // Infinite Regress // Album Review9
Defiled // Infinite Regress // Album Review9
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Having formed in 1992 in Tokyo, Japan and combining their technical skills with their brutal inclinations, Defiled were catapulted to the forefront of the Death Metal scene in Asia with their EP Defeat of Sanity in 1994 and their rise continued with the debut album Erupted Wrath in 1999 and the 2001 release Ugliness Revealed.

Their rise was recognized worldwide with their inclusion on tours with the likes of Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Incantation and Morbid Angel combined with the release of Divination in 2003 and bringing us up to date with In Crisis in 2011 and Toward Inevitable Ruin in 2016, the Japanese tyrants are back with blistering and punishing take on Death Metal.

Before pressing play, be aware that Defiled is not for those with heart problems, suffer from dizziness or lightheadedness and if you are pregnant, seek guidance from your GP first!

From the opening intro the intention is clear, cause mass devastation and be unrelenting and unapologetic about it, as the fast-paced drums are matched by technical slices and blunt riffs from the guitar, as the bass provides a low-down catalyst whilst the vocal crushes. The full technical genius of the heavyweights is clear on the intro to ‘Tragedy’ where the audible destruction from the instruments is as impressive as you are likely to hear before the vocal hits like a slab of concrete to the temple.

This unrelenting and unforgiving recipe is one that not only works, its is as brutal and blunt as you are likely to hear for some time and the fact that this 14 track album spans just over 35 minutes, this is no short sharp shock to the system, it is a prolonged bludgeoning of the skull, but it feels so good. This is what Brutal Death Metal should sound like and more importantly how it should make you feel.

The Technical aspects on display are as good as anything you will hear produced by a Tech-Death specialist band and the Brutal aspects are as powerful and vicious as anything I have heard. When you combine the two in this Japanese fusion, the two seem to heighten the impact of each other.

Infinite Regress is straight into the running for the end of year album awards and is one that anyone who is a fan of Brutal Death needs to hear.

Ed Ford

Infinite Regress is released January 24th 2020 by Season of Mist.

Track List

  1. Intro (00:23)
  2. Divide and Conquer (02:30)
  3. Tragedy (05:21)
  4. Systematic Decomposition (02:33)
  5. So Blind (02:48)
  6. Legacy (01:58)
  7. Masses in Chaos (02:01)
  8. Centuries (04:17)
  9. Aftermath (03:02)
  10. Invisible War (01:45)
  11. Ignorant (02:28)
  12. Slaverobot (02:57)
  13. Infinite Regress (02:48)
  14. Outro (00:33)


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