Defeated Sanity // The Sanguinary Impetus // Album Review

The German Brutal Death giants are back, with their 6th full-length offering and the follow up to twin album Disposal Of The Dead / Dharmata from 2016. Having released four demos prior to the debut full length, with Devoured By The Black in 1996, Withdrawn From Beauty in 1998, Promo in 2000 and the split EP with Poppy Seed Grinder The Parasite, Defeated Sanity released their first full length in 2004 with Prelude To The Tragedy followed by Psalms Of The Moribund in 2007. The first release on Willowtip Records arrived in 2010 with Chapters of Repugnance, 2013 saw Passages Into Deformity and the aforementioned twin album in 2016. 

This huge band has toured pretty much everywhere across the world and is one of the best-known band’s in the Brutal Death Metal world and is as brilliant in the flesh as recorded, so there are very high hopes for this album.

The 9 tracks span roughly 34 minutes and it doesn’t take long for the disturbingly brutal sounds to begin, after a brief build-up from the drums, the guitars soon join the noise in their technical yet punishing way, before the growling guttural vocal completes the crushing sound. The guitars provide both Technical and choppy chugs as the entire drum kit gets tested. The Technicality almost increases with ‘Imposed Corporeal Inhabitation’ whilst the amazing sounds o their extreme version of Metal continues to both punish and amaze in equal amounts.

The Sanguinary Impetus leans back more toward the sound of Passages Into Deformity after the band experimented with a different approach to the previous twin release and for me, this is Defeated Sanity at their best and this is the sound of Defeated Sanity that made me a fan.

The intensity is palpable, the Technicality is unrivaled and the album is from the very top drawer. From pressing play to the album finishing, the release grabs you by the throat and squeezes, testing your resilience and fortitude.

Anyone who is a fan of Brutal Death Metal needs this album and anyone who is looking to get into the genre, pick this up and you will understand immediately why the band is so highly regarded in the Extreme Metal World. If you’re not a fan of this style of music, give this a whirl, you never know, the music of this caliber can make anyone a fan.

Ed Ford


The Sanguinary Impetus is released on July 24th via Willowtip Records.


Track List

1. Phytodigestion

2. Imposed Corporeal Inhabitation

3. Conceived Through Savagery

4. Insecta Incendium

5. Entity Dissolving Entity

6. Arboreously Transfixed

7. Propelled into Sacrilege

8. Drivelling Putrefaction

9. Dislimbing the Ostracized









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