Deez Nuts // You Got Me Fucked Up // Album Review
Deez Nuts // You Got Me Fucked Up // Album Review8
Deez Nuts // You Got Me Fucked Up // Album Review8
Deez Nuts // You Got Me Fucked Up // Album Review8
Deez Nuts // You Got Me Fucked Up // Album Review8
Deez Nuts // You Got Me Fucked Up // Album Review8
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According to Deez Nuts, You Got Me Fucked Up is the most important album in their discography since Stay True and has taken a different approach to this album. Having put the phrase “if you don’t evolve, you die” into practice, the record was written in Toronto rather than New York City and then recorded in Los Angeles instead of Boston, giving them the different surrounding allowed for a different feeling toward the album.

You Got Me Fucked Up clocks in at 30 minutes long, which is spread over a 30 minute period and certainly has a fun and punchy feeling to it from the off as ‘Singalong’ opens up with a hardcore style vocal over upbeat and catchy riffs, that is then enhanced by, excuse the pun, a singalong chorus that gets you moving along before a nice breakdown hits the floor.

Now you are warmed up nicely we head into the title track, spitting lyrics over a choppy guitar before an anthemic chorus that you can’t help but sing along with and then the pace picks up again, followed by another breakdown that will have you windmilling as you sing along!!

By the end of the first two tracks you will be smiling, dancing and singing and there’s quite a way to go yet.

This format of the clean and sing-along vocal matched with slightly more aggressive and beefed up vocals continues to switch the feeling, however, the fun remains and the music is written to get you jumping and feeling good.

‘On Some Shit’ is pacier and has more of an edge to it than some of the other tracks. It certainly adds some grit to the proceedings whilst still being a fun track to listen to. This is more likely to open up the pit and let some frustrations out before the large sounding guitars return on ‘DTDFL4EVA’.

You Got Me Fucked Up is a whole lot of fun to rock out with, sing along to, throw down to and just let everything go with. The 30 minutes fly by as the tracks just make you bounce and want more, like a feel-good drug. If this the result of a change of location to write and record, hopefully, Deez Nuts will continue to keep things fresh in the future as it has certainly worked with You Got Me Fucked Up.

Ed Ford

You Got Me Fucked Up is released Friday 18th October 2019 via Century Media.

Track List

1.       Singalong

2.       You Got Me Fucked Up

3.       Crooked Smile

4.       You Gotta Feel Me

5.       On Some Shit

6.       DTDFL4EVA

7.       Fools Gold

8.       Axe To Grind

9.       Get A Grip

10.   Bitterest End


You Got Me Fucked Up by Deez Nuts

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