Deever - You Need This - Album Review
Deever - You Need This - Album Review9
Deever - You Need This - Album Review9
Deever - You Need This - Album Review9
Deever - You Need This - Album Review9
Deever - You Need This - Album Review9
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Finally being released to the world on the 1st February 2019 is the debut album of British band Deever. ‘You Need This’ includes three singles previously gifted to the eardrums of the general public, ‘Alright’, ‘Fire At Will’ and ‘All Come Running’ as well as a classic British rock vibe individually distinguishable to the band through their usage of a heavy baseline and classic, yet aggressive, riffs. After constructing two successful albums with his previous band Inglorious, one of which hit number 1 in the official UK rock charts, Wil ‘Billy’ Taylor decided it was time to begin a new chapter of his life, with a new band and a sound similar to his own modern tastes. This is when Deever was born.

Utilizing pop choruses within their work ensures Deever are able to captivate the listener into wanting more, whilst also allowing them to deliver personal and honest messages within every title that they have released. It is clear to see that Deever have given their album all that they have and left no stone unturned. They contain a clean and fresh approach to rock music which allows them to be suitable for most audiences, whilst also spreading generous amounts of infectious head banging around.

This album is slightly better than ‘Alright’ as it contains something for everybody. The band have perfectly combined slow building and punk style titles, such as ‘Back Down’ and ‘Parachute’ with darker and heavier tones within the songs, for example ‘Only Enemy’. As the title of the album suggests ‘You Need This’ and you really do. This band should be rather proud of themselves for constructing such a diverse and inclusive album and still ensuring it is capable of being solid competition to the best band out there.



Jess Hubball


Track Listing

  1. Fire At Will
  2. All Come Running
  3. Alright
  4. Back Down
  5. Waves
  6. Parachute
  7. Only Enemy
  8. We Are
  9. Jim
  10. I Am The Cavalry



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