The melodic heavy band from Oulu, Death’s-Head And The Space Allusion, has released a new single named ‘Shrouded Stars’ on 17th of December 2019. The new single follows their debut album ‘The Counterbalance’ that was released in May 2019. The single features the band’s first music video. Lentoi Films from Oulu was in charge of making the video.

“We have done a few lyric videos before, but we got a chance to get professionals in bed with us with this project, so we decided to make a real music video. And the video is incredible to look at! We brainstormed the idea for the video as a group as we looked at the lyrics, but we gave free hands for Acke Salo and Samu Saukko from Lentoi Films. Their ideas just started to get out of control – in a good way – which in turn changed the project to a more ambitious one. Lentoi Films has been in a few large productions, so this was an enormous opportunity for us. Shrouded Stars -single is a form of in-between -work for us and a little snack for the fans to bite before we start our work on the second album. Plus, the video introduces the band quite well.” said the band’s guitarist Antza Talala.
Shrouded Stars can be found on all major streaming services on 17th of December 2019.


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